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ALL-431   Alegria Alli Black Embossed Paisley
ALL-571   Alegria Alli Black Silver Rose
ALL-011   Alegria Alli Black Waxy
ALL-741   Alegria Alli Blue Twist
ALL-611   Alegria Alli Burnish Black
ALL-604   Alegria Alli Cacao
ALL-386   Alegria Alli Rome Patent
ALL-574   Alegria Alli Yeehaw Brown
ASH-661   Alegria Asha Black Crackle
ASH-542   Alegria Asha Golden Jungle
BEL-101   Alegria Belle Black Crinkle
BEL-391   Alegria Belle Cathedral
BEL-433   Alegria Belle Choco Emboss Paisley
BEL-558   Alegria Belle Desert Black
BEL-181   Alegria Belle Geo Dream
BEL-385   Alegria Belle Grid Blue
BEL-384   Alegria Belle Grid Silver
BEL-753   Alegria Belle Indigo Dream
BEL-539   Alegria Belle Lovely
BEL-751   Alegria Belle Metal Rain
BEL-432   Alegria Belle Tan Paisley Suede
BEL-434   Alegria Belle Wine Paisley Suede
BRE-628   Alegria Bree Almond Burnish
BRE-611   Alegria Bree Black Burnish
BRE-551   Alegria Bree Black Sprigs
BRE-626   Alegria Bree Butternut
BRE-552   Alegria Bree Choco Sprigs
BRE-637   Alegria Bree Cognac Nubuck
BRE-509   Alegria Bree Multi Dot Floral
BRE-603   Alegria Bree Stonewall
BRE-911   Alegria Bree Stroll
CAT-931   Alegria Caiti Black Beauty
CAT-932   Alegria Caiti Brown Beauty
CAT-611   Alegria Caiti Burnish Black
CAT-643   Alegria Caiti Drifted
CAT-644   Alegria Caiti Tawny
CAT-691   Alegria Caiti Yeehaw Black
CAT-574   Alegria Caiti Yeehaw Brown
CAR-601   Alegria Carina Black Nappa
CAR-612   Alegria Carina Brown Pullup
CAR-418   Alegria Carina Cork
CAR-390   Alegria Carina Electric Avenue
CAR-771   Alegria Carina Fancy Fish
CAR-135   Alegria Carina Iris
CAR-392   Alegria Carina Kenya
CAR-223   Alegria Carina Medieval
CAR-817   Alegria Carina Naturally
CAR-532   Alegria Carina Pewter Dazzler
CAR-704   Alegria Carina Slither Shine
CAR-538   Alegria Carina Totally Cellular
CIN-825   Alegria Cindi Pink Swirl
CIN-634   Alegria Cindi Pro Pink Ribbon Power
CIN-324   Alegria Cindi Purple Haze
CIN-600   Alegria Cindi White
ALG-531   Alegria Classic Black Emboss Rose
ALG-601   Alegria Classic Black Napa
ALG-910   Alegria Classic Black Shearling
ALG-011   Alegria Classic Black Waxy
ALG-631   Alegria Classic Breezy Dusty Black
ALG-644   Alegria Classic Breezy Tawny
ALG-532   Alegria Classic Brown Emboss Rose
ALG-914   Alegria Classic Burgundy Shearling
ALG-913   Alegria Classic Choco Shearling
ALG-557   Alegria Classic Floratopia
ALG-561   Alegria Classic Gracie
ALG-231   Alegria Classic Jazzy Black
ALG-233   Alegria Classic Jazzy Blue
ALG-232   Alegria Classic Jazzy Wine
ALG-555   Alegria Classic Luck Be A Lady
ALG-207   Alegria Classic Prismatic
ALG-357   Alegria Classic PRO Hippie Dippie
ALG-324   Alegria Classic Spiro Purple
ALG-345   Alegria Classic Wild West Ash
ALG-344   Alegria Classic Wild West Whiskey
ALG-637   Alegria Classsic Breezy Dusty Cognac
COC-201   Alegria Coco Bronze
COC-204   Alegria Coco Pewter
COL-115   Alegria Colette Fuchsia
COL-638   Alegria Colette Oat
COL-758   Alegria Colette Posh Gold
COL-757   Alegria Colette Posh Silver
COL-215   Alegria Colette Rose Mirror
COL-350   Alegria Colette Summer Nights
COL-226   Alegria Colette Uptown Pewter
DAY-601   Alegria Dayna Black Napa
DAY-011   Alegria Dayna Black Waxy
DAY-741   Alegria Dayna Blue Twist
DAY-564   Alegria Dayna Daisy Chain
DAY-403   Alegria Dayna Leopard Stripes
DAY-249   Alegria Dayna Red Metallic Fun
DAY-327   Alegria Dayna Spiro Blues
DEB-810   Alegria Debra Aloha
DEB-531   Alegria Debra Black Embossed Rose
DEB-601   Alegria Debra Black Leather
DEB-551   Alegria Debra Black Sprigs
DEB-011   Alegria Debra Black Waxy
DEB-532   Alegria Debra Choco Emboss
DEB-733   Alegria Debra Lizard Sheen
DEB-536   Alegria Debra Navy Fleur
DEB-480   Alegria Debra Paisley Party
DEB-730   Alegria Debra Primary Impression
DEB-481   Alegria Debra Pro Flight
DEB-484   Alegria Debra Sugar Skulls
DEB-538   Alegria Debra Totally Cellular
DEB-600   Alegria Debra White Leather
DEB-345   Alegria Debra Wild West Ash
DON-301   Alegria Donna Electro Native
DON-304   Alegria Donna Lucky Horse
DON-323S   Alegria Donna Midnight Garden Patent
DON-600   Alegria Donna White Leather
ELI-931   Alegria Eliza Black Beauty
ELI-560   Alegria Eliza Regal Copper
ELL-601   Alegria Ella Black Nappa
ELL-551   Alegria Ella Black Sprigs
ELL-753   Alegria Ella Indigo Dream
ELL-541   Alegria Ella Night Rosette
ELL-632   Alegria Ella Saddle
ELL-544   Alegria Ella Wine Rosette
EMM-601   Alegria Emma Black Nappa
EMM-011   Alegria Emma Black Waxy
EMM-548   Alegria Emma Bronze Bouquet
EMM-801   Alegria Emma Masonry Black
EMM-803   Alegria Emma Masonry Blue
EMM-802   Alegria Emma Masonry Choco
ERI-601   Alegria Erica Black Nappa
ERI-604   Alegria Erica Cacao
ERI-566   Alegria Erica Snazzy
ESS-302   Alegria Essence All Together Now
ESS-217   Alegria Essence Aqua
ESS-1003   Alegria Essence Black Easy
ESS-756   Alegria Essence Blue Mosaic
ESS-2003   Alegria Essence Bronze Easy
ESS-219   Alegria Essence Cherry
ESS-754   Alegria Essence Emerald City
ESS-561   Alegria Essence Gracie
ESS-485   Alegria Essence Night Poppy
ESS-2004   Alegria Essence Pewter Easy
ESS-757   Alegria Essence Posh Silver
ESS-557   Alegria Essence Regal Beauty
ESS-487   Alegria Essence Regal Rainbow
ESS-488   Alegria Essence Sweet Melange
ESS-623   Alegria Essence Tomato
ESS-212   Alegria Essence White Shimmer
EVA-601   Alegria Eva Black Nappa
EVA-648   Alegria Eva Burgundy
EVA-643   Alegria Eva Drifted
EVA-646   Alegria Eva Evergreen
EVA-644   Alegria Eva Tawny
EVE-431   Alegria Ever Black Embossed Paisley
EVE-601   Alegria Ever Black Nappa
EVE-548   Alegria Ever Bronze Bouquet
EVE-603   Alegria Ever Stonewall
HAL-601   Alegria Halli Black Nappa
HAL-011   Alegria Halli Black Waxy
HAL-605   Alegria Halli Carmenere
HAN-486   Alegria Hannah Autumn Poppy
HAN-931   Alegria Hannah Black Beauty
HAN-537   Alegria Hannah Peony
HAR-243   Alegria Harper Abalone
HAR-011   Alegria Harper Black Waxy
HAR-644   Alegria Harper Red Butter
ISA-201   Alegria Isabelle Bronze Easy
ISA-632   Alegria Isabelle Embroidery Tan
ISA-633   Alegria Isabelle Queenie Gold
ISA-691   Alegria Isabelle Yeehaw Black
ISA-574   Alegria Isabelle Yeehaw Brown
ISA-694   Alegria Isabelle Yeehaw Red
JOY-200   Alegria Joy Black Easy
JOY-443   Alegria Joy Blue Persuasion
JOY-483   Alegria Joy Oh Snap!
JOY-620   Alegria Joy Pretty Baby
JOY-360   Alegria Joy Prime Time Rave
JUL-742   Alegria Julie Riches
KAI-712   Alegria Kaitlyn Cognac Burnish Snake
KAR-237   Alegria Karmen Black Metallic Fun
KAR-111   Alegria Karmen Black Mixer
KAR-647   Alegria Karmen Cognac
KAR-105   Alegria Karmen Fuchsia Mixer
KAR-108   Alegria Karmen Lemon Mixer
KAR-110   Alegria Karmen Oyster
KAR-532   Alegria Karmen Pewter Dazzler
KAR-204   Alegria Karmen Pewter Easy
KAR-360   Alegria Karmen Prime Time Rave
KAR-247   Alegria Karmen Rainbow Fun
KAR-742   Alegria Karmen Riches
KAR-107   Alegria Karmen Tangerine Mixer
KAR-600   Alegria Karmen White
KAY-430   Alegria Kayla Black Droplet
KAY-601   Alegria Kayla Black Leather
KAY-416   Alegria Kayla Blue Valentine
KAY-241   Alegria Kayla Bubble Trouble
KAY-387   Alegria Kayla Bullseye
KAY-415   Alegria Kayla Gold Skulls
KAY-602   Alegria Kayla Gravy
KAY-541   Alegria Kayla Night Rosette
KAY-243   Alegria Kayla PRO Artisan Blue
KAY-549   Alegria Kayla PRO Bronze Vine
KAY-605   Alegria Kayla PRO Carmenere
KAY-391   Alegria Kayla PRO Cathedral
KAY-264   Alegria Kayla PRO Frond Of You

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