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ALL-431   Alegria Alli Black Embossed Paisley
ALL-571   Alegria Alli Black Silver Rose
ALL-640   Alegria Alli Jet Luster
ALL-413   Alegria Alli Starlit
ALL-574   Alegria Alli Yeehaw Brown
ALL-576   Alegria Alli Yeehaw Navy
ARI-601   Alegria Ari Black Water-Resistant Boots
ARI-882   Alegria Ari Hickory Water-Resistant Boots
ARI-346   Alegria Ari Sweetie Pie Boots
BEL-101   Alegria Belle Black Crinkle
BEL-521   Alegria Belle Black Swirl
BEL-558   Alegria Belle Desert Black
BEL-640   Alegria Belle Jet Luster
BEL-738   Alegria Belle Pecan
BEL-139   Alegria Belle Perennial
BEL-780   Alegria Belle Pewter Mosaic
BEL-316   Alegria Belle Raked Garden
BEL-454   Alegria Belle Ric Rack
BEL-453   Alegria Belle Ric Rack Rainbow
BEL-442   Alegria Belle Totem
CAT-917   Alegria Caiti Flora Boots
CAM-791   Alegria Camille Black Stamps
CAM-252   Alegria Camille Earthen
CAM-372   Alegria Camille Tectonic
ALG-998   Alegria Career Fashion Replacement Footbeds
CAR-851   Alegria Carina Aqua Flora
CAR-601   Alegria Carina Black Nappa
CAR-713   Alegria Carina Chain Mail
CAR-529   Alegria Carina Gold Dazzler
CAR-882   Alegria Carina Hickory
CAR-485   Alegria Carina Night Poppy
CAR-139C   Alegria Carina Perennial Crackle
CAR-532   Alegria Carina Pewter Dazzler
CAR-372   Alegria Carina Tectonic
CIN-825   Alegria Cindi Pink Swirl
CIN-634   Alegria Cindi Pro Pink Ribbon Power
ALG-531   Alegria Classic Black Emboss Rose
ALG-601   Alegria Classic Black Napa
ALG-570   Alegria Classic Blue Romance
ALG-644   Alegria Classic Breezy Tawny
ALG-532   Alegria Classic Brown Emboss Rose
ALG-137   Alegria Classic Bubblish
ALG-435   Alegria Classic Delicut
ALG-138   Alegria Classic Flora Fiesta
ALG-231   Alegria Classic Jazzy Black
ALG-640   Alegria Classic Jet Luster
ALG-422   Alegria Classic Molasses Tooled
ALG-139   Alegria Classic Perennial
ALG-719   Alegria Classic Pewter Thumbprint
ALG-542   Alegria Classic PRO Surreally Pretty
ALG-999G   Alegria Classic Replacement Footbeds in Grey - Medium Width
ALG-999GW   Alegria Classic Replacement Footbeds in Grey - Wide Width
ALG-147   Alegria Classic Retro
ALG-324   Alegria Classic Spiro Purple
ALG-686   Alegria Classic Swirly Goodness
ALG-575   Alegria Classic Tan Yeehaw
ALG-429   Alegria Classic Tar Tooled
ALG-425   Alegria Classic Teal Tooled
ALG-372   Alegria Classic Tectonic
ALG-148   Alegria Classic Vortex
COL-781   Alegria Colette Bronze Mosaic
COL-667   Alegria Colette Unity Blue
DAN-601   Alegria Dani Black Nappa
DAN-435   Alegria Dani Delicut
DAN-656   Alegria Dani Hazelnut
DAN-413   Alegria Dani Starlit
DAN-528   Alegria Dani Wine Glitter Patent
DAY-601   Alegria Dayna Black Napa
DAY-447   Alegria Dayna Blissful
DAY-735   Alegria Dayna Ice Ice Baby
DAY-640   Alegria Dayna Jet Luster
DAY-553   Alegria Dayna Pewter Florette
DAY-238   Alegria Dayna Thrones
DEB-531   Alegria Debra Black Embossed Rose
DEB-601   Alegria Debra Black Leather
DEB-447   Alegria Debra Blissful
DEB-435   Alegria Debra Delicut
DEB-656   Alegria Debra Hazelnut
DEB-783   Alegria Debra Navy Python
DEB-141   Alegria Debra Psych Fest
DEB-824   Alegria Debra Spin Dr.
DEB-413   Alegria Debra Starlit
DEB-484   Alegria Debra Sugar Skulls
DEB-777   Alegria Debra Viewmaster
DEB-148   Alegria Debra Vortex
DEB-140   Alegria Debra Wavy Navy
DEB-600   Alegria Debra White Leather
ELI-552   Alegria Eliza Black Bloom Boots
ELI-660   Alegria Eliza Chestnut Luster Boots
ELI-579   Alegria Eliza Dame Boots
ELI-435   Alegria Eliza Delicut Boots
ELI-560   Alegria Eliza Regal Copper Boots
ELL-601   Alegria Ella Black Nappa
ELL-551   Alegria Ella Black Sprigs
ELL-448   Alegria Ella Dainty
ELL-446   Alegria Ella Dearest
ELL-541   Alegria Ella Night Rosette
ERI-566   Alegria Erica Snazzy Boots
ERY-660   Alegria Eryn Chestnut Luster
ERY-827   Alegria Eryn Chromeo
ERY-586   Alegria Eryn Floral Notes
ERY-640   Alegria Eryn Jet Luster
ERY-744   Alegria Eryn Show Stopper
ERY-828   Alegria Eryn Soiree
ESS-601   Alegria Essence Black Nappa
ESS-579   Alegria Essence Dame
ESS-747   Alegria Essence Elegance
ESS-754   Alegria Essence Emerald City
ESS-586   Alegria Essence Floral Notes
ESS-424   Alegria Essence Forever Yours, Neutrally
ESS-924   Alegria Essence Icy Blooms
ESS-921   Alegria Essence Licorice Soft Serve
ESS-389   Alegria Essence Monarch
ESS-822   Alegria Essence Pewter Finery
ESS-759   Alegria Essence Posh Pewter
ESS-824   Alegria Essence Spin Dr
ESS-580   Alegria Essence Stained Glass
ESS-623   Alegria Essence Tomato
ESS-314   Alegria Essence Winter Garden Navy
ESS-826   Alegria Essence Winter White
EVA-646   Alegria Eva Evergreen Boots
EVE-431   Alegria Ever Black Embossed Paisley Boots
EVE-548   Alegria Ever Bronze Bouquet Boots
FRA-601   Alegria Fraya Black Nappa
FRA-883   Alegria Fraya Grey Glaze
GLE-601   Alegria Glee Black Nappa
GLE-681   Alegria Glee Black Swirl Stamp
GLE-713   Alegria Glee Chain Mail
GLE-760   Alegria Glee Ethers
GLE-438   Alegria Glee Gypsy Rose
GLE-356   Alegria Glee Hippie Chic Dottie
GLE-588   Alegria Glee Interlockin' Black
GLE-389   Alegria Glee Monarch
GLE-518   Alegria Glee Quarry Crackle
GLE-454   Alegria Glee Ric Rack
GLE-580   Alegria Glee Stained Glass
GLE-542   Alegria Glee Surreally Pretty
GLE-140   Alegria Glee Wavy Navy
GLE-520   Alegria Glee Wowie Zowie
HAL-011   Alegria Halli Black Waxy
HAN-486   Alegria Hannah Autumn Poppy Boots
HAN-448   Alegria Hannah Dainty Boots
HAN-446   Alegria Hannah Dearest Boots
HAN-435   Alegria Hannah Delicut Boots
HAN-747   Alegria Hannah Elegance Boots
HOL-697   Alegria Holli Spiffy Merlot
HOL-696   Alegria Holli Spiffy Navy
IND-601   Alegria Indi Black Boots
IND-643   Alegria Indi Drifted Boots
ISA-821   Alegria Isabelle Tartan
ISA-574   Alegria Isabelle Yeehaw Brown
JAD-569   Alegria Jade Cowgirl Glam
JAD-871   Alegria Jade Cowgirl Tar
JEM-851   Alegria Jemma Aqua Flora
JEM-647   Alegria Jemma Cognac Burnish
JEM-352   Alegria Jemma Copper Poppy
JEM-882   Alegria Jemma Hickory
JEM-622   Alegria Jemma Navy
JEM-485   Alegria Jemma Night Poppy
JEM-325   Alegria Jemma Spiro Multi
JOL-657   Alegria Joleen Ashes To Ashes
JOL-720   Alegria Joleen Daisy
JOL-588   Alegria Joleen Interlockin' Black
JOL-640   Alegria Joleen Jet Luster
JOL-422   Alegria Joleen Molasses Tooled
JOL-587   Alegria Joleen O'Yeah Blues
JOL-489   Alegria Joleen Sweetums
JOL-429   Alegria Joleen Tar Tooled
JUL-679   Alegria Julie Abalone Rose
JUL-781   Alegria Julie Bronze Mosaic
JUL-871   Alegria Julie Cowgirl Tar
JUL-670   Alegria Julie Pearl Rose
JUL-780   Alegria Julie Pewter Mosaic
JUN-901   Alegria Juneau Black Silver Water-Resistant Boots
JUN-902   Alegria Juneau Choco Gold Water-Resistant Boots
KAR-237   Alegria Karmen Black Metallic Fun
KAR-663   Alegria Karmen Black Wavy
KAR-137   Alegria Karmen Bubblish
KAR-529   Alegria Karmen Gold Dazzler
KAR-532   Alegria Karmen Pewter Dazzler
KAR-703X   Alegria Karmen Pewter Snake
KAR-664   Alegria Karmen Pewter Wavy
KAR-665   Alegria Karmen Unity Black & White
KAY-601   Alegria Kayla Black Leather
KAY-585   Alegria Kayla PRO Block Party
KAY-435   Alegria Kayla PRO Delicut
KAY-138   Alegria Kayla PRO Flora Fiesta
KAY-264   Alegria Kayla PRO Frond Of You
KAY-146   Alegria Kayla PRO Hibiscus & Co.
KAY-427   Alegria Kayla PRO Icey
KAY-921   Alegria Kayla PRO Licorice Soft Serve
KAY-389   Alegria Kayla PRO Monarch
KAY-673   Alegria Kayla PRO Satellite
KAY-726   Alegria Kayla Special Serpent
KEL-671   Alegria Keli PRO Beauty Blur
KEL-530   Alegria Keli PRO Black Dazzler
KEL-431   Alegria Keli PRO Black Emboss Paisley
KEL-755   Alegria Keli PRO Black Mosaic
KEL-601   Alegria Keli PRO Black Nappa
KEL-506   Alegria Keli PRO Bloomies

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