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KEL-929   Alegria Keli PRO Galileo
KEL-164   Alegria Keli PRO Garnet Snake
KEL-303   Alegria Keli PRO Hey Girlfriend
KEL-882   Alegria Keli PRO Hickory
KEL-245   Alegria Keli PRO Intergalactic
KEL-323   Alegria Keli PRO Midnight Garden
KEL-541   Alegria Keli PRO Night Rosette
KEL-742   Alegria Keli PRO Riches
KEL-165   Alegria Keli PRO Sapphire Snake
KEL-538   Alegria Keli PRO Totally Cellular
KEL-752   Alegria Keli PRO Waverly
KEL-610   Alegria Keli PRO White Waxy
KHL-601   Alegria Khloe Black Nappa
KHL-011   Alegria Khloe Black Waxy
KHL-643   Alegria Khloe Drifted
KHL-164   Alegria Khloe PRO Garnet Snake
KHL-882   Alegria Khloe PRO Hickory
KHL-161   Alegria Khloe PRO Obsidian Snake
LEN-353   Alegria Kids Lena Classic Rock Star Black
LEN-354   Alegria Kids Lena Classic Rock Star White
LOU-101   Alegria Kids Louise Seville Black Patent
LOU-353   Alegria Kids Louise Seville Rock Star Black
LOU-354   Alegria Kids Louise Seville Rock Star White
LOU-821   Alegria Kids Louise Seville Tartan
LOU-125   Alegria Kids Louise Seville Teal Patent
KRI-601   Alegria Kris Black
KRI-648   Alegria Kris Burgundy
KRI-604   Alegria Kris Cacao
KRI-646   Alegria Kris Evergreen
KYL-604   Alegria Kylie Candy Apple
KYL-601   Alegria Kylie Night
KYL-602   Alegria Kylie Pumpkin
LAR-582   Alegria Lara Gemboree
LAR-620   Alegria Lara Pretty Baby
LAR-341   Alegria Lara Wild West Night
LOL-418   Alegria Lola Cork
LOL-392   Alegria Lola Kenya
LOL-817   Alegria Lola Naturally
LOL-251   Alegria Lola Silver Glitter
LOL-211   Alegria Lola Uptown Black
AM-CHA-100   Alegria Men's "Chairman" Black Nappa
AM-OZ-100   Alegria Men's "Oz" Black Tumbled Leather
AM-OZ-212   Alegria Men's "Oz" Cafe
AM-OZ-204   Alegria Men's "Oz" Chestnut Oily Nubuck
AM-SCH-500   Alegria Men's "Schuster" Cognac Pull-Up
AM-SPO-500   Alegria Men's "Spock" Cognac Pull Up
AM-AAR-611   Alegria Men's Aaron Black Out Suede
AM-AAR-601   Alegria Men's Aaron Black Suede
AM-AAR-602   Alegria Men's Aaron Cafe Suede
AM-AAR-706   Alegria Men's Aaron Green Suede
AM-AAR-603   Alegria Men's Aaron Navy Suede
AM-AAR-607   Alegria Men's Aaron Orange Suede
AM-AAR-709   Alegria Men's Aaron Sand Suede
AM-AAR-719   Alegria Men's Aaron Stone Suede
AM-AAR-608   Alegria Men's Aaron Yellow Suede
AM-ADE-102   Alegria Men's Aden Black Wave
AM-ADE-209   Alegria Men's Aden Dark Brown
AM-ADE-609   Alegria Men's Aden Sand Suede
AM-ALE-200   Alegria Men's Alex Black Nubuck
AM-ALE-100   Alegria Men's Alex Black Tumble
AM-ALE-602   Alegria Men's Alex Cafe/Orange
AM-ALE-208   Alegria Men's Alex Choco Brown
AM-ALE-401   Alegria Men's Alex White / Red
AM-ANG-100   Alegria Men's Angler Black Tumble Sandal
AM-ANG-200   Alegria Men's Angler Brown Tumble Sandal
AM-ART-800   Alegria Men's Art Taupe
AM-ARU-100   Alegria Men's Aruba Black Tumble
AM-ARU-208   Alegria Men's Aruba Choco Brown Tumble
AM-ARU-500   Alegria Men's Aruba Cognac Pull Up
AM-CHA-120   Alegria Men's Chairman Dark Brown Wax Tumbled
AM-HEW-200   Alegria Men's Hewlett Choco Nubuck
AM-JAK-200   Alegria Men's Jake Black Nubuck
AM-JAK-240   Alegria Men's Jake Choco Nubuck
AM-JON-100   Alegria Men's Jony Black Tumble
AM-JON-200   Alegria Men's Jony Choco Nubuck
AM-JON-170   Alegria Men's Jony Drifted
AM-LEW-100   Alegria Men's Lewiston Black Tumbled
AM-LEW-200   Alegria Men's Lewiston Dark Brown Nubuck
AM-LIA-100   Alegria Men's Liam Black Nappa
AM-LIA-170   Alegria Men's Liam Drifted
AM-LIA-160   Alegria Men's Liam Tawny
AM-MAR-100   Alegria Men's Martinique Black Tumbled
AM-MAR-200   Alegria Men's Martinique Brown Tumble
AM-MAR-202   Alegria Men's Martinique Cafe Nubuck
AM-OZ-201   Alegria Men's Oz Choco Patent
AM-OZ-145   Alegria Men's Oz Choco Wax Tumbled
AM-PAC-100   Alegria Men's Packard Black Tumbled
AM-PAC-603   Alegria Men's Packard Navy Suede
AM-PAC-700   Alegria Men's Packard Olive Suede
AM-PAC-609   Alegria Men's Packard Taupe Nubuck
AM-SCH-100   Alegria Men's Schuster Black Tumble
AM-SCH-140   Alegria Men's Schuster Choco
AM-SCH-200   Alegria Men's Schuster Choco Nubuck
AM-SCH-312   Alegria Men's Schuster Navy
AM-SCH-700   Alegria Men's Schuster Olive Suede
NAN-910   Alegria Nanook Black Licorice
NAN-913   Alegria Nanook Coffee
NAN-915   Alegria Nanook Cozy Choco
NAN-916   Alegria Nanook Cozy Grey
NAN-906   Alegria Nanook Flint Fuzzy
NAN-902   Alegria Nanook Pecan Fuzzy
NAN-601   Alegria Nanook Quilted Black
NAN-914   Alegria Nanook Red Licorice
NAN-315   Alegria Nanook Winter Garden
NAN-314   Alegria Nanook Winter Garden Navy
PAL-531   Alegria Paloma Black Embossed Rose
PAL-601   Alegria Paloma Black Napa
PAL-682   Alegria Paloma Brown Magic
PAL-387   Alegria Paloma Bullseye - Alegria Shoe Shop Exclusive!
PAL-213   Alegria Paloma Button Up
PAL-713   Alegria Paloma Chain Mail
PAL-661   Alegria Paloma Hieroglyph
PAL-231   Alegria Paloma Jazzy Black
PAL-233P   Alegria Paloma Jazzy Blue
PAL-232P   Alegria Paloma Jazzy Wine
PAL-223   Alegria Paloma Medieval
PAL-323   Alegria Paloma Midnight Garden Patent
PAL-621   Alegria Paloma Pewter Black Tumble
PAL-532   Alegria Paloma Pewter Dazzler
PAL-011   Alegria Paloma PRO Black Waxy
PAL-135   Alegria Paloma PRO Iris
PAL-539   Alegria Paloma PRO Lovely
PAL-536   Alegria Paloma PRO Navy Fleur
PAL-337   Alegria Paloma PRO Renaissance
PAL-742   Alegria Paloma PRO Riches
PAL-507   Alegria Paloma PRO Spectrum
PAL-538   Alegria Paloma PRO Totally Cellular
PAL-600S   Alegria Paloma PRO White Napa - Alegria Shoe Shop Exclusive!
PAL-537   Alegria Paloma PRO Wine Fleur
PAL-321   Alegria Paloma Rave On The Nile
PAL-393   Alegria Paloma Red Bloom
PAL-683   Alegria Paloma Rose Shadow
PAL-330   Alegria Paloma Tots Gorge
PAL-528   Alegria Paloma Wine Glitter Patent
PAL-315   Alegria Paloma Winter Garden
PAL-574   Alegria Paloma Yeehaw Brown
PES-628   Alegria Pesca Almond
PES-688   Alegria Pesca Black Magic
PES-647   Alegria Pesca Cognac
PES-135   Alegria Pesca Iris
PES-622   Alegria Pesca Navy
PES-644   Alegria Pesca Tawny
PES-623   Alegria Pesca Tomato
PES-538   Alegria Pesca Totally Cellular
PET-530   Alegria Petal Black Dazzler
PET-601   Alegria Petal Black Nappa
PET-219   Alegria Petal Cherry
PET-500   Alegria Petal Fractually
PET-582   Alegria Petal Gemboree
PET-584   Alegria Petal Gold Flake
PET-532   Alegria Petal Pewter Dazzler
PET-321   Alegria Petal Rave on the Nile
PET-821   Alegria Petal Tartan
PET-238   Alegria Petal Thrones
REE-647   Alegria Reese Cognac Burnish
REE-645   Alegria Reese Red Butter
REE-211   Alegria Reese Uptown Black
REE-226   Alegria Reese Uptown Pewter
REE-620   Alegria Reese White Butter
ALG-INSERT   Alegria Replacement Inserts
SAR-483   Alegria Sarah Oh Snap!
SAR-211   Alegria Sarah Uptown Black
SAR-728   Alegria Sarah Zesty
SAS-692   Alegria Sasha Dolly Fuchsia
SAS-226   Alegria Sasha Uptown Pewter
SEV-601   Alegria Seville Black Napa Leather
SEV-144   Alegria Seville Cherry Cube
SEV-143   Alegria Seville Chrome Cube
SEV-325   Alegria Seville Spiro Multi
SEV-627   Alegria Seville Tetrus Blue
SEV-691   Alegria Seville Yeehaw Black
SEV-574   Alegria Seville Yeehaw Brown
SPCL-SHPG   Alegria Special Shipping Services
TAY-611   Alegria Taylor Black Waxy
TAY-617   Alegria Taylor Brush Off Brown
VAL-971   Alegria Valentina Brushed Black
VAL-973   Alegria Valentina Brushed Stone
VAL-418   Alegria Valentina Cork
VAL-376   Alegria Valentina Manic Botanic
VAL-535   Alegria Valentina Steel Rosette
VAL-210   Alegria Valentina White Poppy
VAN-441   Alegria Vanessa Black Jewel
VAN-731   Alegria Vanessa Black Reptile
VAN-203   Alegria Vanessa Pewter Hand Craft
VAN-758   Alegria Vanessa Posh Gold
VAN-757   Alegria Vanessa Posh Silver
VAN-324   Alegria Vanessa Spiro Purple
VEN-801   Alegria Venice Masonry Black
VEN-802   Alegria Venice Masonry Choco
VEN-809   Alegria Venice Princess
VER-387   Alegria Verona Bullseye
VER-692   Alegria Verona Dolly Fuchsia
VER-582   Alegria Verona Gemboree
VER-223   Alegria Verona Medieval
VER-211   Alegria Verona Uptown Black
VER-691   Alegria Verona Yeehaw Black
VER-574   Alegria Verona Yeehaw Brown
VER-694   Alegria Verona Yeehaw Red

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