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KLE-631   Alegria Kleo Dusty Black
KLE-728   Alegria Kleo Opal Snake
KLE-639   Alegria Kleo Rice Grain
KYR-601   Alegria Kyra Black Leather
KYR-701   Alegria Kyra Black Snake
KYR-239   Alegria Kyra Bubbilicious
KYR-712   Alegria Kyra Burnish Snake
KYR-703   Alegria Kyra Pewter Snake
KYR-386   Alegria Kyra Rome
KYR-374   Alegria Kyra Sockeye
LAR-601   Alegria Lara Black Dressy
LAR-713   Alegria Lara Burnish Snake
LAR-119   Alegria Lara Olive
LAR-214   Alegria Lara Pewter Tumble
LIL-601   Alegria Lilia Black
LOL-601   Alegria Lola Black
LOL-117   Alegria Lola Cognac
LOL-132   Alegria Lola Vert
LOL-600   Alegria Lola White
AM-CHA-100   Alegria Men's "Chairman" Black Nappa
AM-CHA-203   Alegria Men's "Chairman" Choco Woven
AM-CHA-305   Alegria Men's "Chairman" Navy Lizard
AM-CHA-400   Alegria Men's "Chairman" White Tumble
AM-OZ-100   Alegria Men's "Oz" Black Tumbled Leather
AM-OZ-102   Alegria Men's "Oz" Black Wave Leather
AM-OZ-200   Alegria Men's "Oz" Brown Tumbled Leather
AM-OZ-212   Alegria Men's "Oz" Cafe
AM-OZ-204   Alegria Men's "Oz" Chestnut Oily Nubuck
AM-OZ-305   Alegria Men's "Oz" Navy Lizard
AM-OZ-400   Alegria Men's "Oz" White Tumbled Leather
AM-SCH-100   Alegria Men's "Schuster" Black Tumble
AM-SCH-103   Alegria Men's "Schuster" Black Woven
AM-SCH-205   Alegria Men's "Schuster" Choco Lizard
AM-SCH-500   Alegria Men's "Schuster" Cognac Pull-Up
AM-SPO-100   Alegria Men's "Spock" Black Tumble
AM-SPO-500   Alegria Men's "Spock" Cognac Pull Up
AM-AAR-601   Alegria Men's Aaron Black Suede
AM-AAR-703   Alegria Men's Aaron Blue Suede
AM-AAR-602   Alegria Men's Aaron Cafe Suede
AM-AAR-603   Alegria Men's Aaron Navy Suede
AM-AAR-607   Alegria Men's Aaron Orange Suede
AM-AAR-604   Alegria Men's Aaron Red Suede
AM-AAR-709   Alegria Men's Aaron Sand Suede
AM-AAR-608   Alegria Men's Aaron Yellow Suede
AM-ADE-102   Alegria Men's Aden Black Wave
AM-ADE-209   Alegria Men's Aden Dark Brown
AM-ADE-609   Alegria Men's Aden Sand Suede
AM-ALE-100   Alegria Men's Alex Black Tumble
AM-ALE-208   Alegria Men's Alex Choco Brown
AM-ALE-606   Alegria Men's Alex Forest / Purple
AM-ALE-401   Alegria Men's Alex White / Red
AM-ANG-100   Alegria Men's Angler Black Tumble Sandal
AM-ANG-208   Alegria Men's Angler Choco Brown
AM-ANT-500   Alegria Men's Antigua Cognac Pull Up
AM-ANT-209   Alegria Men's Antigua Dark Brown
AM-ART-100   Alegria Men's Art Black
AM-ART-800   Alegria Men's Art Taupe
AM-ARU-100   Alegria Men's Aruba Black Tumble
AM-ARU-208   Alegria Men's Aruba Choco Brown Tumble
AM-ARU-500   Alegria Men's Aruba Cognac Pull Up
AM-BAR-100   Alegria Men's Bartlett Black Waxy Leather
AM-BAR-200   Alegria Men's Bartlett Dark Brown Leather
AM-CUR-100   Alegria Men's Curacao Black Tumble
AM-FOX-100   Alegria Men's Foxe Black Tumble
AM-FOX-200   Alegria Men's Foxe Choco Tumble
AM-FRA-208   Alegria Men's Franklin Choco Brown Leather
AM-FRA-313   Alegria Men's Franklin Navy Leather
AM-HEW-100   Alegria Men's Hewlett Black Nubuck
AM-HEW-200   Alegria Men's Hewlett Choco Nubuck
AM-JON-100   Alegria Men's Jony Black Tumble
AM-JON-200   Alegria Men's Jony Choco Nubuck
AM-LEW-100   Alegria Men's Lewiston Black Tumbled
AM-LEW-200   Alegria Men's Lewiston Dark Brown Nubuck
AM-MAR-100   Alegria Men's Martinique Black Tumbled
AM-MAR-200   Alegria Men's Martinique Brown Tumble
AM-OZ-202   Alegria Men's Oz Choco Alligator
AM-PAC-200   Alegria Men's Packard Choco Nubuck
AM-PAC-609   Alegria Men's Packard Taupe Nubuck
AM-SCH-200   Alegria Men's Schuster Choco Nubuck
DEB-323   Alegria Midnight Garden
MOL-601   Alegria Molly Black Nappa
MOL-625   Alegria Molly Blue Jean Baby
MOL-545   Alegria Molly Mirror Mirror
MOL-619   Alegria Molly Petal
OLI-647   Alegria Olivia Cognac Burnish
OLI-631   Alegria Olivia Dusty Black
PAL-309   Alegria Paloma +PRO Fantasy Tattoo - Alegria Shoe Shop Exclusive!
PAL-395   Alegria Paloma Autumn Swirl
PAL-370   Alegria Paloma Aztec Tile, Only Size 39 Remains
PAL-396   Alegria Paloma Batik
PAL-531   Alegria Paloma Black Embossed Rose
PAL-249   Alegria Paloma Black Glitter Patent
PAL-688   Alegria Paloma Black Magic
PAL-601   Alegria Paloma Black Napa
PAL-398   Alegria Paloma Blue Collage
PAL-134   Alegria Paloma Blue Etched Patent
PAL-101   Alegria Paloma Brilliant Black Patent
PAL-682   Alegria Paloma Brown Magic
PAL-612   Alegria Paloma Brown Pull-Up
PAL-387   Alegria Paloma Bullseye - Alegria Shoe Shop Exclusive!
PAL-213   Alegria Paloma Button Up
PAL-121   Alegria Paloma Charcoal Patent
PAL-399   Alegria Paloma Gold Leaf
PAL-375   Alegria Paloma Golden Elephant
PAL-105   Alegria Paloma Hot Pink Patent
PAL-505   Alegria Paloma Houndstooth
PAL-510   Alegria Paloma Leaf
PAL-323   Alegria Paloma Midnight Garden Patent
PAL-545   Alegria Paloma Pastel Stone
PAL-311   Alegria Paloma Peace & Love Black Patent
PAL-621   Alegria Paloma Pewter Black Tumble
PAL-250   Alegria Paloma Pink Glitter Patent - NBCF
PAL-379   Alegria Paloma Pop Hearts
PAL-215   Alegria Paloma PRO Feathers
PAL-529   Alegria Paloma PRO Flower Power
PAL-518S   Alegria Paloma PRO Palmetto
PAL-524   Alegria Paloma PRO Simple Things
PAL-662   Alegria Paloma PRO Sunned
PAL-600S   Alegria Paloma PRO White Napa - Alegria Shoe Shop Exclusive!
PAL-669   Alegria Paloma Sand Magic
PAL-357   Alegria Paloma Star Studded
PAL-378   Alegria Paloma Super Saturated
PAL-313   Alegria Paloma Team Green
PAL-534   Alegria Paloma Wine Embossed Rose
PAL-528   Alegria Paloma Wine Glitter Patent
PAL-397   Alegria Paloma Women's Best Friend
PES-628   Alegria Pesca Almond
PES-629   Alegria Pesca Berry Burnish
PES-688   Alegria Pesca Black Magic
PES-630   Alegria Pesca Blue Veg
PES-626   Alegria Pesca Butternut
PES-627   Alegria Pesca Cactus
PES-647   Alegria Pesca Cognac
PES-641   Alegria Pesca Fancy Black
PES-668   Alegria Pesca Sage Burnish
ALG-INSERT   Alegria Replacement Inserts
SAY-409   Alegria Sayde Black Multi Lips
SAY-101   Alegria Sayde Black Patent
SAY-801   Alegria Sayde Black Teal
SAY-325   Alegria Sayde Blue Haze
SAY-439   Alegria Sayde Fantasy
SEV-601   Alegria Seville Black Napa Leather
SEV-213   Alegria Seville Button Up
SEV-815   Alegria Seville Carolina
SEV-813   Alegria Seville Chevron
SEV-816   Alegria Seville Frenchie
SEV-221   Alegria Seville Night Gleam
SEV-357   Alegria Seville Star Studded
SON-601   Alegria Sonya Black Nappa
SON-822   Alegria Sonya Pewter
SON-600   Alegria Sonya White Nappa
SPCL-SHPG   Alegria Special Shipping Services
TAY-611   Alegria Taylor Black Waxy
TAY-616   Alegria Taylor Brush Off Blue Shoe
TAY-617   Alegria Taylor Brush Off Brown Shoe
TAY-602   Alegria Taylor Gravy Pull-Up
TAY-603   Alegria Taylor Stone Wall
VER-652   Alegria Verona Antique Bead Work
VER-832   Alegria Verona Antique Brass
VER-834   Alegria Verona Antique Pewter
VER-601   Alegria Verona Black Nappa
VER-565   Alegria Verona Disco Desert
VER-669   Alegria Verona Sand Magic
VIO-831   Alegria Violet Black Multi
VIO-601   Alegria Violet Black Nappa
VIO-725   Alegria Violet Happy Snake
VIO-217   Alegria Violet Pinkie Shine
ZAN-801   Alegria Zan Black
ZAN-802   Alegria Zan Choco

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