Shifting into a New Footwear Mindset with Alegria's Dream™ Fit Collection

Tired of feeling like your feet are concrete bricks by the end of your shift? Do you dream of walking on the clouds and sailing through your workday without getting distracted by shooting pains in your feet and back? The new Alegria Dream Fit™ Collection is the answer to your footwear woes! Whether you've always had foot issues or you're new to the aches and pains of shift work, these shoes can get rid of those nightmares and give you happy, dreamy feet again.

Everyone needs comfortable shoes to keep their feet healthy, but people who stand all shift need support, too. Being on your feet for just five hours a day could raise your risk of long-term foot problems and muscle pain. If you're one of the millions of nurses, hair stylists, retail workers, teachers or other professionals who stand all day or night, you know the difference a great pair of shoes can make in your life.

Don't Get Rubbed the Wrong Way

Your feet are your foundation. When your shoes don't fit well, they can really rub you the wrong way. Shoes that don't provide enough room for your toes contribute to bunions and hammertoes, two painful conditions that can keep you from your best.

Bunions are those bony bumps at the base of your big toe or sometimes little toe. Hammertoes happen when any of your toes stay curled up instead of lying flat. Both conditions can result in a shape that rubs against your shoes, causing discomfort and aggravating the situation. Flat and high arches, arthritis and genetics are sometimes causes, as well as injuries over time from wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Take it from the nurses at Scrubs Magazine, "Breathability, comfort, and anti-slip soles are ideal footwear qualities for the nursing environment." And not just for the nursing environment. From the airline stewardess to the stylist who does your hair, everyone who stands at work can stand up for the benefits of Alegria's newest line of quality shoes.

Well-Fitting Shoes Take Care of Your Whole Body

Taking care of those tootsies can relieve pain all over your body. Ill-fitting shoes don't just cause foot pain; they can cause aching ankles and legs and unhappy hips and throw your back into imbalance. But well-fitting shoes that conform to your feet like the Dream Fit™ Collection does can prevent that pain and keep you feeling good even after your shift is over.

People like Nurse Mo of the Resilient Nurse can attest to how good it feels to wear Alegria shoes. She doesn't just wear hers at work; she wears her Alegrias to walk her mile commute to and from work and throughout her whole shift as a traveling nurse, too. That says something about comfort and pain relief!

What Makes Dream Fit™ Different?

The Alegria Dream Fit™ Collection uses an innovative mixed-media combination of leather and neoprene that make your feet and your whole body feel great. Each shoe uses a dependable leather shell and the trademark, removable footbed that forms the support your foot needs, but also offers maximum comfort with the flexible neoprene upper to make this collection your new dream favorite.

Neoprene, the same fabric that cradles your laptop, can comfort your toes. This miracle fabric that's used for diverse applications such as piano hammers, hydroponic gardening liners and wetsuits is now a comfy part of Alegria's Dream Fit™ Collection. The soft and stretchy neoprene panel is both breathable and bendable, flexing the way your foot needs to accommodate your foot's shape -- exactly what's recommended by specialists to combat the pain of bunions, hammertoes and other foot problems. Add that to the roomy toe box that gives your toes plenty of space to wiggle while still staying supported and you've got a winning combination!

Dreamlike Features for a Dreamlike Fit!

You may have come to love the removable footbeds that make Alegria shoes so comfy and popular, but the Dream Fit™ Collection offers even more for your stylish footwear pleasure.

The Alegria Dani in Starlit rocks your foot with a slip-resistant mild rocker sole as you glide through your day in this sparkling blue shoe. You'll feel like you're dreaming against a backdrop of stars as the stylish, glittering pattern catches the light. This classic lace-up lets you choose how much support you need while the black neoprene upper conforms to every curve and contour across your toes for a flexible fit. The footbed cradles your arch, giving you just the right amount of support underneath while the padded collar keeps your ankles in perfect posture at the back. Wearing the Alegria Dani allows you to drift through your day with a smile, just like in a happy dream!

If you're looking for a more defined heel but with the stability of a slip-resistant outsole, the Alegria Holli in Spiffy Merlot is a great choice. This sassy business casual shoe sports a classy buckle clasp that will have everyone talking! Or for a classic Mary Jane, try the Alegria Maya in Ice Ice Baby. The name may take you back to the '90s, but this shoe is no throwback! The crystal cool silver and white leather pattern pairs perfectly with the black neoprene panel over the toes. And you couldn't chip off a fancier buckle for the strap with an ice pick!

The mixed-media style of this new line hits all the marks. We are the number-one retailer for Alegria Shoes in the world, so check out the new Dream Fit™ Collection today to find your next perfect fit!

Dream Fit™

Alegria Dream Fit Collection - Dani


Alegria Dream Fit Collection - Holli


Alegria Dream Fit Collection - Madi


Alegria Dream Fit Collection - Maya