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Comfort and Class at Closeout Prices

Nurses are known for the long hours they spend on their feet, but plenty of other professionals stand all day too. People in retail sales, the beauty and fashion industries, education, and the hospitality and leisure industries are standing and walking around all day as well. When you put that much pressure on your feet, you want shoes that perform as well as you do.

Alegria shoes give you the support you need, whether you're taking care of patients, clients or students, and we always have closeouts that will keep more money in your bank account while still making your feet happy. Take a look at how Alegria gives you a classy look at an incredible price.

Oh, My Aching Feet

You love what you do, so you probably don't even notice as the hours tick by at work. But your feet do. The average American racks up 75,000 miles of foot travel by age 50, but if you work at a job where you walk all day, you can easily double or triple that amount. Your feet support your whole body, literally from the ground up. You may not be running your entire shift, but did you know that anytime you do run you're putting an extra 400 percent of your weight on your feet?

Blisters, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis are all common foot problems among those who work on their feet, but they are avoidable if you wear supportive, well-fitting shoes, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. Arch support is equally important for overall health. If your shoes don't properly support your arches, you could develop musculoskeletal problems that ultimately result in loss of mobility and permanent disability.

Nurse Shoe Solutions With Style

It's no wonder your feet hurt if you're standing on them nursing for eight or nine hours a day, but it doesn't have to be that way. And you can avoid all the leg pain, backaches, and general fatigue also caused by wearing the wrong shoes during those long shifts. Alegria is the highest rated shoe for nurses, and other professionals benefit from them too.
By choosing Alegria shoes, you won't have to worry about foot pain or wonder if you have the right arch support. Alegria's footbeds provide a custom fit that contours to your foot and keeps the shape with a combination of memory foam, cork, and soft polyurethane. These layers mold to your particular arch to support your foot and your entire body. Check out some of our outstanding choices to make you stand out at work:

  • Love gardens full of flowers? Plant your feet in the pretty petals of comfort when you wear the Alegria Kayla Pro Hello Love shoes.
  • How sophisticated is it to have the silver lines of the Alegria Debra Wild West Ash peeking out from the vent of your favorite scrub pants?
  • Rather accentuate your print scrub tops with a solid shoe? Try the ever-classic and comfortable Mary Jane style with the Alegria Paloma Pro in Navy or Wine.
  • For the men, Alegria's "Schuster" Cognac Pull-Up looks great with scrubs or after work with dress pants.

Shoes for Professionals From All Walks of Life

It's not just the nurses who get to have all the comfort and fun with Alegria shoes. Sales associates, hairdressers, elementary teachers and anybody who stands all shift benefit from the custom fit and variety of prints and textures offered by Alegria. In addition to the 33.7 million people who work in education and health care, check out these numbers for other professionals who stand all day:

  • Wholesale and retail workers: 20.3 million
  • Professional and business people: 17.4 million
  • Leisure and hospitality: 13.8 million
  • That's more than 85 million individuals in the United States alone working on their feet all day every day! If you're one of them, you can keep those toes comfy and sport your style at the same time with these fashion-savvy styles:
  • Buckles are more than basic with the Alegria Alli Burnish in Black. Not one, but two sassy buckles complete this clever and classic go-to shoe.
  • Want to jazz up your Mary Jane's? Try the metallic sheen of the Alegria Paloma Tots Gorge, with all the colors of the spectrum to complement any shade of pants or skirt.
  • Prefer texture to color? The subtle roses in Alegria's Kayla Night Rosette bring out tones of rose petals without being too overpowering.

Our men's styles do double duty too. For those who want to move seamlessly from work to play, the Alegria Men's Schuster style goes from full-fledged work support to after-hours clog with a fold-down heel cap. In suede or leather, this is one look that will fit your outdoorsy or around-the-house style as well as your work needs.

Because we are the No.1 retailer of Alegria shoes in the world, there's no question about where to buy yours! Our closeout shoes are the same supportive, comfortable, good-looking shoes, just at a discounted price to make room for more styles. No change in quality or performance, just a lower price. So what are you waiting for? Find a pair to suit your needs before they're gone!