Can Sandals Be Supportive? They Can When They're Alegria Sandals!

Sandals are cute, sassy, breezy and downright comfy during the warm weather months. But, let's face it—sandals aren't always the most supportive shoes for your feet. With less material surrounding your feet, there's less there to give you the support you need. Unless you're wearing Alegria sandals, that is! Learn about the pitfalls of wearing sandals and how Alegria sandals are different.

What Makes Wearing Sandals So Great?

You might not need a lot of convincing to choose sandals as your favorite footwear for the spring and summer months. They're light, airy, easy to slip into and out of and even let you show off that great pedicure you've waited so long for! Not to mention, sandals are easy to pack when you're getting ready for a vacation or just want something to relax in after work. Athletes can even benefit from wearing sandals after workouts because the open toes help prevent athlete's foot and decrease ingrown toenails. And, sandals come in all kinds of styles to match your mood. Here's just a few to get you started:

But as wonderful and freeing as sandals are, they can come with a few downfalls.

What Should You Watch Out for When Wearing Sandals?

Sandals of all types are, by design, made from less material than most other shoes. In general, they may not offer the support or comfort you need when wearing them for hours at a time. Some of the more common problems you'll find with sandals include:

  • Less arch support and inadequate cushioning
  • Pressure on your toes the higher the heel and especially in “peep toe” sandals
  • Increased bunions and hammertoes in “peep toe” sandals
  • Irritation between toes in thongs
  • Irritation or blisters underneath areas where straps rub
  • Dead skin buildup at the ankle of strappy shoes or slingbacks

Also, people who suffer with diabetes have to be especially careful when wearing sandals because of decreased feeling in the feet.

How Alegria Sandals Avoid Foot Problems and Support Your Health

It's not all bad news! Alegria sandals are designed to combat all of these problems and can even be a great choice for people with diabetes who might otherwise not be able to wear sandals. Take a look at how dedicated Alegria is to providing you with supportive, stylish sandals that fit your foot and your life.

  1. Alegria sandals provide excellent arch support using a triple-layer footbed, or insole, comprised of memory foam, cork and polyurethane that ergonomically cradles your foot with just the right amount of support and cushioning.
  2. Outsoles are designed with a gentle rocker form that assists you in taking more natural strides and helps to avoid pressure on the toe and heel.
  3. Soft suede or leather lining on most Alegria sandal styles keeps straps and thongs from irritating skin.
  4. Slip-resistant outsoles and ergonomic design, even in wedges and heels, provide better stability and decrease the risk of falls.

In addition to all of that, Alegria sandals provide the benefits of increased air flow to your feet, protection against hot surfaces and are a great choice for an easy slip-on shoe. And, Alegria has the latest trends and colors to go with your entire wardrobe! These are sandals you'll want to show off!

Alegria Sandals Go the Extra Mile!

As if all that wasn't enough, Alegria sandals support your lifestyle choices as well as your health! You don't just get to choose from fabulous fabrics, popular patterns and outstanding color palettes; Alegria Shoe Shop also gives you a wide variety of sporty sandals and vegan choices, too!

The TRAQ line of shoes supports your health by offering stunning, comfortable sport sandals but with the added twist of an embedded step counter! Using the free TRAQ smartphone app, you can track every step you take right from your sandals. No more worrying about documenting those vacation steps; all your stats are right there in your app. Just slip into your sandals, connect and go! Choose from three spectacular sandal styles: the Qeen, Qali, and Treq sandals for women.

But Alegria doesn't stop there. Alegria Shoe Shop also offers plenty of vegan sandals for anyone who wants to keep it green so you can lessen your impact on the environment. Here are the wonderful and comfortable vegan shoes we have to offer, all with the same quality craftsmanship of our other styles.

Choose Alegria Sandals for Comfort and Support!

Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation sandal, a sporty shoe to run errands in or just some pretty summer sandals to freshen up your wardrobe, choose Alegria sandals for the comfort and support your feet deserve! And don't forget to check out all of the other great Alegria shoes for every moment of your life at work and play. Alegria has the shoes that keep you and your feet happy!