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Professional Debra Nursing Shoe by Alegria

The Debra nursing shoes lineup is designed specifically for those working in health care. Most of these folks are on their feet for long periods of time and can suffer from poorly supported foot arches or poor posture. This can lead to fatigue and backache, making an already long work day even tougher. The Debra features a specially designed footbed made from a combination of latex, cork, and memory foam to provide superior comfort and support. This design allows the footbed to form to the specific shape of the wearer's feet with a luxurious balance of firm support and soft cushion.

Big comfort comes from more than well-designed footbeds, though. The Debra nursing shoes also boasts a rocker design outsole to propel the foot from heel to toe in a very natural motion while walking. This reduces soreness or tiredness in the feet over time because the tendons aren't flexing as hard to complete this repetitive motion. Because the entire gait motion is smoother, this can also help with leg and back pain that results from being on the go throughout a busy shift. The flat bottoms mean improved stability, reducing the chances of injury.

The Debra line comes in many colors and patterns to complement any wardrobe. As with many of our styles of shoes, this gives The Debra a versatility you won't get from your average shoe. While ideal for busy on-your-feet style work environments, Alegria shoes aim to provide a sharp-looking answer for wherever you're headed.

View our product introduction video on The Debra below:

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