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Alegria Summer Red Alegria Summer Red
Price: $129.95
Alegria Sloan Leopard Alegria Sloan Leopard
Price: $149.95
SALE: $89.00
Alegria Sloan Snake Alegria Sloan Snake
Price: $149.95
SALE: $89.00
Alegria Sloan Brown Suede Alegria Sloan Brown Suede
Price: $149.95
SALE: $69.00
Alegria Sloan Umber Velvet Alegria Sloan Umber Velvet
Price: $149.95
SALE: $89.00
Alegria Rosie Leopard Alegria Rosie Leopard
Price: $119.95
SALE: $69.00
Alegria Nadya Mocha Fleece Alegria Nadya Mocha Fleece
Price: $149.95
SALE: $99.00
Alegria Shayne Blossom Alegria Shayne Blossom
Price: $169.95
SALE: $109.00

Stand Tall All Shift, Every Shift!

You’re on your feet all day or all night. You need supportive shoes to keep going. But when you work in retail, the fashion industry or any other field that has you standing and on the go, you need to look fresh from head to toe your entire shift. Not a problem with Alegria heels and wedges! You'll find heels and wedges here to make your feet happy, no matter what style you're looking for!

Support and Fashion all Rolled into One!

No more dull and boring orthopedic shoes here. You’ll find snazzy prints, tempting textures and adorable adornments atop finely crafted shoes that support your every step. Standing tall won’t be difficult because these fashion-forward choices feature the signature Alegria footbed (or insole) that provides comfort and support. Constructed of cork, leather and memory foam, the footbed cushions your step to help prevent shock to your foot, ankle and leg. Conforming to your foot, it also provides a supportive base for your sole with a gentle rocking motion that’s less stressful on your body. Combined with slip-resistant outsoles, Alegria shoes stand up to the longest of shifts with less worry of slips or falls for whatever your shift may bring. You won’t find that in most fashion heels or wedges! Alegria heels and wedges offer:

  • Superior arch support
  • Longevity with removable and replaceable footbeds
  • Outsoles that promote perfect posture
  • Fashion details and fabrics such as velvet shoestrings, leather uppers and beautiful buckles

Same Great Alegria Shoes, Even Better Selection!

The heels and wedges here feature the same comfort as other Alegria styles, just with the height to elevate you to your best day ever! Each heel or wedge comfortably and stylishly creates an extra 2-3 inches to lengthen your look. You'll find a great selection, the largest online.

Don’t let your feet miss out on all the fun! Come back often to see what’s new and check out other Alegria women's shoe styles, too. Let Alegria’s heels and wedges take your fashion sense and comfort to new heights!