Support for the Busy Nurse

Of the many professions that spend a good deal of the day on their feet, nurses can put in some of the longest hours. These long hours can lead to cramps, aches, and even more serious conditions like plantar fasciitis. Nursing shoes need to be more than a simple pair of sneakers.

Fast-paced environments require focus and attention to detail. Pain or discomfort that persists throughout the day can be very distracting, increasing fatigue and diminishing that focus that is so paramount to the job. Healthcare is a different degree of service from retail or other types of jobs that involve moving around a lot. When the quality of care affects people’s lives, their recovery from illness, or even the ability to properly diagnose problems, these busy nurses have a lot riding on their ability to keep up.

Just How Much Walking Does A Nurse Do?

In a study by Herman Miller, researchers found that nurses can walk over four miles in an eight to twelve hour shift! That amount of walking begs for a comfortable pair of shoes. Proper walking or running shoes have soles specially designed to provide the arch support and shock absorption active individuals need to keep moving.

Alegria shoes meet ASTM and SATRA standards for slip resistance. This means better stability and lower odds of workplace injuries. Hospitals work around the clock, so they don’t have the luxury of some types of businesses that can close down and clean or rearrange things when no one is there. Accidents and messes happen at all times, meaning both medical and support staff have to be ready to deal with wet surfaces and floors that have recently been mopped.

Posture and Balance

The way we stand has a bigger impact than many think on our overall posture and balance. When our arches aren’t supported well it puts a lot of strain on the muscles in our feet. Like any muscle when it starts to get tired, the muscles around it try to compensate. Sometimes we don’t even notice it while we’re busy, but we’ll stand a different way, shift our weight from foot to foot, or shift more of our weight to the toes or heel.

This shift in balance carries all the way up our body, affecting our legs, thighs, and back. Even if we aren’t lifting heavy objects all day lower back pain is a common symptom people encounter working on their feet. When our feet aren’t supporting our weight properly we are slightly off balance, causing other parts of the body to silently strain to keep us upright.

Ok, so a great pair of nursing shoes can help, but…

Have You Ever Seen Nursing Shoes?

Most of these aren’t exactly winning any fashion contests.

Comfortable nursing shoes don’t have to be all about function. Alegria shoes are both stylish and collectible, giving a sense of fun to the work day while protecting the feet from bumps, slips, and the strain that inadequate padding and support can bring. When you buy nursing shoes from Alegria, you’re not getting some boring-looking set of clinical footwear. You’re getting a fusion of style and comfort that makes buying a new pair of work shoes something you’ll be excited to show off the next day.

Our fun designs are generally compatible with any custom orthotics you might have, but we recommend that you try them first to ensure a good fit during your work day. Ready to feel better and look great doing it? Shop our selection of Alegria shoes today! - Professional & Nursing Shoes