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Alegria Classic Loretta Classic Loretta
Price: $129.95
Alegria Rebounce Atlis Iris Atlis Iris
Price: $119.95
Alegria Rebounce Atlis Grey Atlis Grey
Price: $119.95
Alegria Rok n Roll Procession Bone Procession Bone
Price: $130.00
Alegria Rok n Roll Procession Smoke Procession Smoke
Price: $130.00
Alegria Rok n Roll Procession White Procession White
Price: $130.00
Alegria Rok n Roll Procession Black Procession Black
Price: $130.00
Alegria Rebounce Atlis Poppy Pop Atlis Poppy Pop
Price: $119.95
Alegria Rebounce Sunie Poppy Pop Sunie Poppy Pop
Price: $79.95
Alegria Rebounce Sunie Sand Sunie Sand
Price: $79.95
Alegria Rebounce Sunie Stripes Sunie Stripes
Price: $79.95
Alegria Rebounce Sunie Black Sunie Black
Price: $79.95
Alegria Rebounce Sunie Navy Sunie Navy
Price: $79.95
Alegria Rebounce Sandie Shell Sandie Shell
Price: $89.95
Alegria Rebounce Sandie Poppy Pop Sandie Poppy Pop
Price: $89.95
Alegria Rebounce Exhault Cyber Pink Exhault Cyber Pink
Price: $119.95
Alegria Rebounce Exhault Off White Exhault Off White
Price: $119.95
Alegria Rebounce Sandie Black Sandie Black
Price: $89.95
Alegria Rebounce Sandie White Sandie White
Price: $89.95
Alegria Rebounce Sandie Pebble Sandie Pebble
Price: $89.95
Alegria Bailee Woven Sage Bailee Woven Sage
Price: $119.95
Alegria Marta Ink Alegria Marta Ink
Price: $129.95
Alegria Vanya Noir Alegria Vanya Noir
Price: $109.95
Alegria Kamila Ink Alegria Kamila Ink
Price: $119.95

Women's Alegria Shoes: All Day Comfort!

Alegria Shoes Are Made With You in Mind

You work hard all day (and sometimes all night) taking care of patients, clients, customers and family. You and your feet deserve a shoe that will treat you right. But sometimes, getting the comfort you want means sacrificing good looks. Not with Alegria! Alegria Shoes deliver on a promise of comfort and style bundled into one terrific package. That way, you can keep doing what you do and look good doing it! Here's how Alegria does it.

Alegria's Got Sole!

From one sole to another, every Alegria shoe is built upon a basis of support and comfort. High-quality outsoles are carefully designed and shaped to fit the way you walk, from heel to toe. Whether you want the smooth rocker outsole of the Alegria Classic Hello Doily or Deliah Upgrade; the natural, slight heel of the Alegria Symone Booties in Espresso; or the full 2-inch heel of the Alegria Sofi in Navy Gloss, your feet will thank you for the stylish structure of these soles. Many of these are slip-resistant, giving you a sure footing no matter where life takes you.

But the sole doesn't stop there! The patented inner footbed (or insole) is not only remarkable, but removable and replaceable to extend the life of your shoes. Constructed with layers of cork, leather and memory foam, the footbeds fit perfectly into the honeycombed sole of Alegria shoes to cushion your feet with comfortable support. Just like Alegria shoes, these footbeds are available in regular and wide widths to keep your feet feeling great at any size.

Toe-to-Toe Comfort

Not only will your feet feel great from the sole up, but you'll have plenty of room for your toes in Alegria's roomy toe box. Where some brands cramp your toes into a tiny space, Alegria gives you the space you need to let your toes spread out and breathe. Like a little yoga studio for your feet, the toe box lets your toes relax and just be themselves.

Styles for Every Occasion

Whether you're pounding the pavement while training for a 5K or walking your miles while on duty, Alegria has a shoe that will fit your personal style and keep you comfortable.

Nursing Shoes

You don't have to be a traveling nurse like Nurse Mo of the Resilient Nurse to love Alegria's nursing shoes. From the Keli Minnow Rainbow to the Debra Black Embossed Rose, you'll find a featured style for any floor you circulate.

Mary Janes

Sometimes you want a sandal but need a shoe, and that's where the classic Mary Janes come in! Spruce up your wardrobe with the twisting scarf-look strap of the Alegria Paloma Garnet, or add some flair with the fashionable Paloma Ofrenda.


Whether winter is approaching or you just like to kick it up a notch, rest assured that Alegria's Women's Boots do the trick. Ankle boots like the Caiti Chestnut can get you from work to play, while something taller like the Ari Espresso Gale can really light up the night!

Athletic Shoes

Sporty Spice more your style? Check out Alegria's ReBounce and Rok n Roll lines. Alegria Women's Athletic Shoes can help you sport your style with long-lasting comfort. The Rok n Roll Eclips Smokey Night lets you show your support wherever you go, while choices like the ReBounce Atlis Iris give you the support you need in a colorful Mary Jane look.

Heels and Wedges

Teachers, hair stylists and retail workers need support, too. So, if you're looking for something a little more business casual, check out the great Heels and Wedges to get you through your work day. The Alegria Savina Luggage and Shilaine Stretch Naturally are two awesome choices for a weekday wedge. Or, the Alegria Triniti Fawn can give your spirits a lift with a 2¼ inch platform style.

Accentuating the Accents

Lastly, Alegria lets you accessorize your shoe closet and your wardrobe with accents that fit your every mood. From velvet laces on your lace-ups to beautiful buckles on your straps, Alegria shoes are crafted with care and patterned from excellence. Alegria goes beyond the plain-jane black or white shoe and incorporates flashy fashion and fabulous images to create a look that's all you. Fine florals, gemlike geometric patterns, delicate cutouts, dazzling sparkles and timely textures are just a few of the finishing touches you'll find on Alegria's shoes for women.

Accentuate your style with everything that makes Alegria Shoes great. You deserve to be comfortable with your own style, so get comfy with Alegria Shoes all day today!

The Women's Collection at Alegria Shoe Shop – Your Destination for Comfort and Style

Discover a wide range of orthopedic sneakers, Alegria shoes for women, and orthopedic support shoes designed with your utmost comfort in mind. At Alegria Shoe Shop, we specialize in providing women with comfortable and supportive footwear to enhance both their style and foot health.

Explore our collection of women's orthopedic shoes crafted with features like rocker bottom soles for a smooth walking experience and arch support for optimal foot alignment. Our orthopedic sneakers for women are perfect for active individuals, offering cushioned insoles and ergonomic designs to reduce fatigue and keep you on your feet comfortably.

At Alegria Shoe Shop, we understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of comfortable and supportive shoes. That's why we take pride in offering a diverse range of women's orthopedic shoes crafted with cushioned insoles, anatomical footbeds, and arch support. Shop our collection below and experience the comfort that Alegria Shoe Shop has to offer.