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Removable, Replaceable, Remarkable Alegria Footbed

Note that all Alegria shoes arrive to our warehouse with medium footbeds in them. Alegria Shoe Shop must purchase wide footbeds separately, so that when a style in which the wide option is offered we can remove the supplied medium footbeds and replace them with wide footbeds. This results in a greater investment on our part in the wide shoes being sold, but we are happy to absorb the extra cost for our customers who need the wide option. As a result of this swapping out of footbeds, we end up with a mountain of the medium Alegria Classic Footbeds, both in tan and grey, in our warehouse. The environmentally friendly thing to do is repurpose these brand new and unused medium footbeds as replacement footbeds. Please see the actual selling price of the these brand new, unused, and repurposed medium footbeds at checkout. By working together, we can make a difference.