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Traq Shoes by Alegria Shoes

Accurately count every step with a smart chip embedded right in your shoe. Great for nursing shoes for all day comfort and support, as well as keeping up with your physical activity on those long shifts. Connect to the Traq app on your smartphone. It's that easy.



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TRAQ Shoes by Alegria

Browse the full line of Traq shoes from Alegria at the Official Alegria Shoe Shop. TRAQ shoes are the very first smart comfort shoes! With all the classic features you've grown to love in Alegria shoes, this walking shoe includes a built-in Bluetooth pedometer and will take you and your fitness to new levels. You won't just be thinking smart; you'll be walking smart, too! Here's a look at the latest line from Alegria, a very popular line of nursing shoes.

A Smart Shoe for a Smart You

If you're like 85 percent of Alegria customers, you already take good care of your health by wearing walking shoes daily. But you may still struggle to track your daily steps. Wearing a pedometer is a great way to track your steps. But what if you didn't have to go looking for your pedometer or put a pedometer on at all? What if your shoes already had the pedometer inside?

With TRAQ smart shoe technology, that idea is a reality. With Alegria's new Q-chip technology, the pedometer is embedded within the sole of the TRAQ smart shoe. It never has to be charged. It tracks your every step accurately because it's under your foot, not elsewhere on your body. Some of the other benefits of having it inside your shoe are:

  • It's never misplaced because it's always in your shoe.
  • You never have to turn it on or off.
  • It's always ready when you are.
  • It's always connected via smart shoe Bluetooth technology.

TRAQ Your Steps for You

Chances are you walk plenty every day. But if you aren't actively tracking your steps, you might not realize if you're getting enough steps daily. Tracking your steps with Alegria TRAQ smart fit shoes is easy. And it's not just because the pedometer is inside the sole of the shoe; it's also connected to the TRAQ app. Using the app is easy, as well. Just download, open, connect and go! When you open the app on your smartphone, just tap the pair of TRAQ shoes you have on and the two immediately start working together to track your steps. The TRAQ app is available on Apple and Android platforms, so it works no matter which type of smart phone you have.

The TRAQ app has the added benefit of being able to track multiple pairs of TRAQ shoes. If you change into a different pair of TRAQ smart shoes, just tap on the picture of the ones you're wearing and the app will start tracking the steps from that pair instead. No matter how many pairs you own or how often you change them throughout the day, you're still tracking all your steps with the Q-chip smart shoe technology.

TRAQ Your Steps with a Community

It takes about 10,000 steps a day to lose weight or just stay active. That's about the equivalent of a five-mile walk. That might sound overwhelming. But people who walk with friends, family or coworkers are more likely to meet their daily walking goals and stay fit. The Alegria TRAQ smart fit shoe helps you connect to a community and make it yours through the TRAQ Community.

With the TRAQ Community, you can challenge yourself and others to walk farther and walk stronger with the help of TRAQ comfort and technology! Customized reports and boards keep you connected and build strong relationships that help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

TRAQ Your Steps in Style

Alegria's new Q-chip technology is everything you've come to expect and more from this wellness shoe empire. And the TRAQ smart casual shoe is no less fashionable and comfortable than the other Alegria lines that you know and love.

Each TRAQ shoe features the trademark Alegria footbed, constructed of cork, polyurethane and memory foam that conforms to the curves of your foot. Each one provides superior arch support and all-day comfort to help relieve stress in your feet, legs, hips and back. A slip-resistant outsole also helps protect your footing in all kinds of weather. Five gorgeous models will be available, each with a color, print and style to fit your mood and activity.


The Alegria Qutie TRAQ shoe is a mix between the Mary Jane and sneaker styles<. The adjustable hook-and-loop strap and Dream Knit upper keep this shoe adjustable and breathable throughout your entire day.


Featuring a full upper made of the new Dream Knit fabric, the Alegria Qwik TRAQ shoe combines a hook-and-loop strap for added adjustability and comfort. Pull tabs are another easy on-and-off feature.


The Alegria Qarma TRAQ shoe is a sporty lace-up sneaker with contrasting side stripes. A padded collar and lots of pretty prints to choose from will make this your next go-to smart shoe.