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Searching for the right shoe to fit your style has never been quicker or easier! Alegria Shoe Shop offers all your favorite Alegria shoes in every style you need for every aspect of your life. Whether you're looking for something jazzy in a nursing or professional shoe, need extra support during a workout or just want to show off your toes with some new, comfy sandals, you'll find all the style and comfort you're looking for right here. Shoes for every season, occasion and lifestyle are waiting for you here, so get ready to browse to your heart's content and find your next Alegria favorites!

Athletic Shoes for Every Move

New Year's resolution or recommendation from your doctor aside, getting healthy usually means donning a pair of athletic shoes and hitting a gym, treadmill or walking trail. Choosing the right pair of supportive and comfortable shoes can make all the difference in your progress. Alegria athletic shoes provide ample toe boxes, excellent arch support, cushioning for impact and a well-thought out design that supports your foot, ankle, leg and back while you move. All this in trending colors, fantastic patterns and fabulous styles and you have a variety of fasteners to choose from, too. Here are just a few of the many athletic options.

Boots to Keep You Walking

Boots are a classic style, but they haven't always been designed for your comfort-until Alegria, that is! Alegria boots keep you and your feet happy because they're designed with your toes, arches and heels in mind. They don't just look great on the outside, they feel spectacular on your feet! With removable and replaceable footbeds and superior construction, you'll get a great feel every time you slip a pair on. Find a height and style to fit every mood! Alegria Shoe Shop offers:

Clogs & Mules for Everyday Wear

Great for spring and summer and the rest of the year, too, Alegria clogs and mules let you slip into style whenever you want. Whether you're wanting them for work or play, this shoe style supports you for hours on end while maintaining your highest comfort level. Alegria Shoe Shop offers multiple looks to compliment your work day whether you're a nurse, medical professional, retail worker, teacher or anyone else who works on their feet all shift. And this shoe style easily supports you after work, while you shop or even on vacay! Check out all the lovely options and many more!

Sandals to Show Off Your Toes

Sometimes you just want to let it all hang out and be comfortable! Alegria sandals for women let you show off those painted toenails and keep you feeling fantastic while doing it. With options like removable and replaceable footbeds, hook-and-loop tape fasteners hidden in straps, smooth suede interiors and even vegan choices you're sure to find plenty of sandals to exceed your expectations. Here are just a few of the many styles you'll find with Alegria sandals.

Dream Fit for Extra Flex and Comfort

The tiny air bubbles and open cell construction of this flexible neoprene fabric is what makes Dream Fit shoes by Alegria a true dream for your feet! Panels included in the vamp of these shoes increase comfort, support and flexibility for your toes and your whole foot. The neoprene material is perfectly placed to help reduce pain caused by hammertoes, bunions, calluses and inflammation around toes and joints. Beautiful buckles, zany zippers and adorable adornments make the shoes in this collection as pretty as they are practical. See all these styles and more!

Flats That Make You Stand Tall

Feel like ditching the heels but don't want to fall flat in fashion? Alegria flats fit the bill! The contoured outsole of these flats supports a gentle rocking motion that follows the natural flow of your step when you walk. The footbed is constructed of layers of supportive materials that conform to your sole for maximum shock absorption and arch support. And, these flats come in many colors and patterns to compliment your wardrobe with whimsy and sophistication. Check out just a few of Alegria's many flats.

Heels & Wedges for a Leg Up

Sometimes you just feel like standing a little taller, but you can't do that if your feet hurt from ill-fitting shoes. Alegria heels and wedges give you all the extra height you want while comforting your soles with superior design that won't let you down. Unlike other women's shoe brands, Alegria heels and wedges promote perfect posture, offer excellent arch support and cushion your toes with every step. Most styles also feature slip-resistant outsoles to help protect against slick surfaces and rainy weather. Get a leg up on your comfort and fashion with an extra 2-3 inches of height with these selections and many more!

Tie a Ribbon on Your Day with Lace Ups

Lace ups aren't just for working out! At Alegria Shoe Shop, you'll find a variety of lace up loafers and boots as well as all the fabulous sneakers you'd expect. Each one features the signature Alegria removable and replaceable footbed for personalized comfort and longevity. Flexible and fashionable fabrics such as Dream Fit neoprene, stretchy knit uppers, suede and leather adorn these supportive and comfy lace ups. You'll also find all the trending colors and patterns to make your day great! Check out a few of the Alegria lace up choices.

Loafers That Give You a Little Extra

Buckles, buttons, imprints and prints-you'll get a lot for your fashion and comfort dollar with Alegria's loafers! Gorgeous color palettes and prints will add an extra pop to your day and accentuate your fashion sense. Padded collars, elastic gores and adjustable straps are just a few of the added comforts you'll find on these loafers to make them an even better choice for your feet. Don't loaf around! Look at the variety of loafers and find your newest addition and more.

Mary Janes for Fun and Fashion

Not just your plain jane shoe, Alegria Mary Janes come in all types of flattering styles, heights, colors and prints for your fashion fun! Wedges, heels, flats and rocker outsoles give you a selection of outsole heights for comfort and support. A variety of strap designs with hidden hook-and-loop fasteners as well as buckles keep your look fresh. And a mix of fabrics like leather, suede and Dream Fit neoprene keep you comfy while looking great! Many styles are also slip-resistant and stain-resistant, too. See what Alegria Mary Janes have to offer your wardrobe.

Nursing & Professional Shoes Like No Others

Standing on your feet all day can take a toll on your health, unless you reap the benefits of Alegria nursing and professional shoes! You'll find all kinds of features to flatter your fashion sense and comfort your feet on every shift and anytime you choose to show off these spectacular shoes. Replaceable and removable footbeds constructed of layers of cork, polyurethane and memory foam conform to the contours of your foot for maximum arch and posture support. Outsoles are ergonomically designed to follow your natural step to lessen impact and support your stride. And, the trending prints and colors will compliment any wardrobe, whether it's scrubs or professional wear. Check out the many styles just waiting for you!

Track Your Fitness with TRAQ Shoes

Want to roll up your fitness and fashion goals in one? The TRAQ line by Alegria does just that by embedding Q-chip technology right into the sole of the shoe! No more extra devices, no more searching for and syncing apps in your phone, TRAQ shoes count your steps for you and seamlessly send the information to your TRAQ smartphone app via Bluetooth so you always know exactly how far you've come. Just lace up and go! And you'll find a plethora of styles, colors, textures and prints to choose from. Check out how easily you can combine your fitness and style with TRAQ shoes today!

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