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Amazing Selection of Comfort Flats by Alegria Shoes

You Won't Fall Flat with Alegria Flats!

You can still elevate your style without being a heel when you choose one of the supportive and comfortable styles of women's flats from Alegria! What's the secret? Stylish and trending designs atop a quality insole that cushions and supports your feet from the inside out, to start with. See how high you can take your day with Alegria Flats for women.

Insole, Outsole, and a Lotta Soul!

Alegria flats start with the Alegria patented footbed that contours to the shape of your foot. Made from a proprietary blend of layered memory foam, cork, polyurethane and leather, the footbed combines cushioning for shock absorption with a contoured fit that perfectly adjusts to all the subtle nuances of your foot. This creates the arch support and comfort you need while maintaining the minimal height that you desire from a flat.

The outsole may be thin, but it's made to last. With interlocking technology that keeps the footbed in place, the outsole is designed with a lightweight, honeycombed design to keep durability without adding undue weight to the shoe. These flats may feature a thin outsole, but it still offers a slight rocker motion to further cushion your step and keep you feeling great. Added slip-resistance helps protect you from slippery surfaces, too.

Stylish Enough for Casual Wear, Durable Enough for Work!

Alegria Flats are great for work and play! Opt for the loafer look of the Alegria Glee or go for the Mary Jane look in the new Alegria Belle. Some of the great patterns and prints you'll find include:

Whether you're wearing them around town or finishing up a long shift at work, Alegria flats will keep you on your toes. Don't let your footwear fall flat—pick out a pair of Alegria flats today!