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Alegria Brenna Oiled Brown Alegria Brenna Oiled Brown
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Dream a New Dream with Alegria's Dream Fit™ Collection

Do you dream of a comfortable, flexible shoe that supports your feet and your fashion sense at the same time? Well, dream no more because now it's a reality with Alegria's new Dream Fit Collection! From breathable leather uppers to mild rocker outsoles, the comfort you've always equated with the name Alegria has even more to offer with this new line of stylish comfort shoes for women. See what makes Dream Fit technology so dreamy for your feet and your style.

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

The Dream Fit™ upper carefully blends leather and open cell neoprene to create a perfect fit for your feet. Neoprene—yes, the fabric used in the construction of wetsuits—is the perfect accommodating fabric for your feet. Neoprene is manufactured in sheets consisting of millions of tiny air bubbles. When left unlined the fabric is called ‘open cell’ and is both breathable and stretchy, two wonderful features for a comfort shoe. How so? By removing much of the semi-structured leather upper on the vamp, or top of the shoe, and utilizing neoprene instead, your toes (bunions, hammertoes, and all) have a soft, accommodating fabric draping over them instead of something more rigid.

Neoprene Uppers for a Flexible Fit

The Dream Fit™ Collection may just be a lifesaver for those with foot ailments such as bunions and hammertoes. Bunions, those bony protrusions at the base of your big toes, affect approximately 36 percent of us over the age of 65. Research shows that we may have grandma and grandpa to thank for them as genetics seems to play a role in who develops the condition.

Hammertoes, where the joint of a toe is buckled or turned downward, are often aggravated by ill-fitting shoes that rub the top portion of the toe resulting in inflammation, pain, calluses or worse. Podiatrists recommend shoes that provide superior arch support and relieve pressure across the toes. The Dream Fit™ Collection from Alegria Shoes fits the bill.

Style and Comfort All Wrapped Up in One

Not only will Dream Fit technology make your feet feel great, but it also keeps you on the cusp of your fashion scene. Here are just a few of the great styles you'll find in the Dream Fit collection to keep you looking like a million bucks:

  • Try the Maya in Delicut for a chic take on the classic black Mary Jane or the Holli Spiffy in Navy for a little lift in a winning color.
  • For a more tailored look, go for the Holli stye in the Alegria Holli Black Burnish.
  • The new Dani will become a fast favorite around nurse's stations or doctor’s offices as the tops are still stain-resistant and the full rocker bottom provides tons of support.
Don't just keep dreaming of comfort—make it a reality every day, every shift! Try out the new Dream Fit™ Collection today.