Top 10 Alegria Cities in the USA

We admit it. Whenever we're in an airport waiting on our next flight, or perhaps just sitting on a park bench, we're looking at people's feet. We're looking to see who is wearing their Alegrias. So, that got us to thinking. Which cities have the most Alegria shoes? That must be a very happy and comfortable place. Here's what we found when we reviewed our data.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

This makes a lot of sense, actually. Alegria shoes are made for folks who stand on their feet all day. and who's on their feet more than those working in hospitality, right? (Insert
argument here from those in healthcare and education). From wait staff to hotel workers to tour guides and those on the casino floor, no shoe is better for you than Alegria. Next time we're in Vegas, I suppose we'll be staring at people's feet a bit more than we used to.

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Okay, so this one surprised us a little bit. But, for a city that is known for, among other things, being home to Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta it makes perfect sense. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is like the sky's colorful party, where hot air balloons dance to the rhythm of the winds, captivating onlookers with their mesmerizing patterns. On the ground, Alegria shoes offer a fiesta for your feet, with vibrant designs ensuring every step is a comfortable celebration. While one event paints the sky, the other ensures the journey below is just as dazzling. Both promise a vibrant spectacle, whether you're looking up or down!

8. Birmingham, Alabama

The Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, is a historic movie palace built in 1927, boasting ornate architectural designs and serving as a testament to the grandeur of the vaudeville era. Today, it stands as an iconic landmark, hosting a myriad of events from films to concerts, while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the city. So grab some comfy Alegrias and go take in a show!

7. Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, where live music thrums and the streets are alive with creativity, Alegria shoes are the unofficial dance partners of the city's unique rhythm. Just as Austin embraces its quirky spirit, residents adore their Alegria shoes for blending comfort with vibrant, off-beat designs. After all, in a city where "Keep Austin Weird" is the mantra, having shoes that celebrate individuality is just another step in the right direction!

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Citizens of Philadelphia, with their deep-rooted history and spirited vibe, have a penchant for combining tradition with modernity, and that's where Alegria shoes step in! These shoes, known for their blend of style, comfort, and flair, resonate with Philadelphians who're always on the move, whether they're exploring the cobbled streets of Old City or dashing up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Just like the city's iconic cheesesteak, Alegria shoes offer a perfect fusion of elements, making them a favorite choice for those who crave both style and substance in the City of Brotherly Love.

5. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona is renowned for its rich Native American heritage, stunning Sonoran Desert landscapes, the annual Gem and Mineral Show, and the University of Arizona. The city's sun-soaked days and vibrant southwestern culture merge outdoor adventures with artistic pursuits. In such a diverse terrain and climate, Tucson residents would appreciate Alegria shoes for their perfect balance of style and functionality. Whether wandering through cactus-studded trails, exploring adobe row houses, or indulging in downtown festivities, Alegria provides the comfort and flair that harmonizes with Tucson's unique spirit.

4. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, isn't just about big oil and space explorations; it's also a place where you might stumble upon a quirky underground cistern-turned-art-space or a museum dedicated solely to funerals! With its surprising blend of bayou vibes and urban cowboys, Houston confidently marches to its own offbeat Texas two-step, making it a city full of delightful eccentricities and unexpected adventures. If you're looking for a city where rodeo meets rocket science, Houston's got the quirk you're after! What a PERFECT Alegria city!

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicagoans are the kind of folks who'll chisel through a foot of snow just to grab their morning coffee, and then calmly discuss deep-dish versus thin-crust pizza over a breezy Lake Michigan wind. In the "Windy City," where skyscrapers reach for the heavens, it's the grounded grit of its people that truly stands tall. They've got the tenacity of a Bulls game in overtime and the warm-heartedness of a summer festival in Grant Park. After all, in Chicago, where they turn rivers green and make winters look easy, hard work and a hearty laugh go hand in hand! Yep, that's definitely the Alegria spirit.

2. Charlotte, North Carolina

It's likely that many of you don't have any idea what you are looking at. This, our friends, is pimento cheese. And Charlotte is the pimento cheese capital of the world. Sure there's also NASCAR and banking, but c'mon ... PIMENTO CHEESE! (Can you tell we're located in North Carolina?). Affectionately referred to as “Carolina caviar” or “Southern pate,” it has been a Southern staple for generations. Pimento cheese and Alegria shoes might seem like an odd pair, but they've got some delightful similarities when you dig in! Both are fusion items; while pimento cheese blends sharp cheese with the tangy zing of pimentos, Alegria shoes marry comfort with flair. Perhaps that's why Charlotte is near the top of our list.

1. San Antonio, Texas

In San Antonio, where the River Walk buzzes with lively mariachi tunes and the Alamo stands as a symbol of tenacity, Alegria shoes fit right in like a festive fiesta for your feet! Just as locals love their Tex-Mex with a spicy kick, they adore Alegria shoes for adding that zesty twist to everyday comfort. Whether strolling past vibrant mercado stalls or two-stepping at a local honky-tonk, San Antonians know that Alegria brings both the fiesta flair and foot-friendly fun to every step they take!

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