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Alegria Men's Sandals

Air Out Those Feet in Style with Alegria Men’s Sandals!

Sandals aren’t just for the ladies! Alegria Shoe Shop has sandals for men, too! Whether you’re planning an exotic vacation to the beachfront or just want something to slip into quickly to run a few errands, sandals make a great choice. And when you choose Alegria sandals, you get healthy support for your toes, feet and whole body. And, you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense for all these healthy benefits, either. See why Alegria’s sandals for men make all the difference for your stylish, healthy feet.

When Would Men Wear Sandals?

Isn’t it easier to just throw on a pair of sneakers? Not necessarily. During the spring and summer months and even in the fall, sandals can come in handy for short trips between the inside and outside of your home, like taking out the trash or checking on a pet. Other times you might want to choose sandals instead of regular shoes include:

· Going on vacation

· Visiting the lake or beach

· When competing in athletic events for after the competition

· During times of athlete’s foot, calluses or while recovering from a foot injury

What are the Benefits of Wearing Sandals for Men?

If you’re wearing sandals for fun, you’ll find a lot of advantages. Sandals let you easily slip into and out of your shoes, they’re easy to pack and take up very little space, they let your feet air out naturally and they provide extra protection against hot or rough surfaces in places where you might otherwise only go barefoot, like a sandy beach or a rugged campground. Plus, if you’re visiting a wet area, you won’t have to worry about soggy feet from wet socks and shoes.

If you’re wearing sandals because of injury or foot disease, sandals can help keep your feet healthier while you recover without causing further damage. Wearing a sandal with an open toe reduces irritation to ingrown toenails or calluses. If you have a laceration or blister on your foot, sandals reduce rubbing against the injury and can help you heal faster. If you have an injury to another part of your body and can’t easily reach your foot, sandals are easy to slide on and off.

What Should You Look for in a Great Pair of Sandals?

Some of the problems you might encounter with other sandals include a lack of arch support, inadequate cushioning and irritation between toes. But with Alegria men’s sandals you won’t have to worry about any of that. The signature Alegria footbed, or insole, is constructed of three layers of cork, polyurethane and memory foam to gently and expertly cradle your foot and provide excellent arch support without fear of calluses. The outsole is ergonomically designed to create a gentle rocking motion with every step for a natural stride that promotes great posture. The roomy, open toe box provides plenty of room for your toes to avoid cramping and hammertoes.

Even the straps have a soft, protective lining so you don’t get abrasions or infections from the straps rubbing on your foot. In Alegria sandals, you can still be active and not worry about injury to your foot. Even people who suffer from diabetes can benefit from wearing Alegria sandals because of the extra care taken to design these sandals for healthy living. To see what we’re talking about, check out the Alegria Men’s Martinique Sandal in Black Tumbled or Café Nubuck. We think you’ll love the style and appreciate the comfort.

What are People Saying About Alegria Sandals for Men?

We know you’ll love Alegria sandals, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just see what Alegria Shoe Shop customers have to say:

· Virginia P. said these are “The best shoes for comfort. Will be ordering again. Love them.”

· David B. bought them for Hawaii, and said, “Looking for a good pair of sandals that look good, feel good and wear good for use on our trip to Hawaii this month.”

· Barbara E.’s husband keeps coming back for more and says, “This is my husband's 6th pair of Alegria shoes. He loves them all.”

When you’re looking for quality sandals for men, you can trust Alegria to keep your feet happy and healthy. Don’t forget to also check out Alegria Shoe Shop’s selection of men’s athletic shoes, loafers, clogs and mules for complete enjoyment and comfort on vacation and at home!