Alegria Sandals Offer Amazing Quality

We tend to think of sandals as a lower quality shoe without any support. Most of them are because they have little structure and they tend to wear out in one summer. The wearer experiences discomfort due to the lack of support. Notice that we said, “Most of them.” Alegria sandals are an exception to the rule! If you are a collector of Alegria shoes, you are aware of the excellent construction, support, quality materials, and workmanship that have led to the shoe’s unique footbed and rocker sole. These features provide your feet with comfort all year long. Well, there is no need to sacrifice that comfort just because you want to wear sandals with your summer outfits!

Alegria sandals are made with the same hand-sewn, quality materials, and workmanship as the Alegria shoes that you love so much. Sandals with support and all of the features of an Alegria shoe? How is that possible? One look at the huge selection of styles, colors, and patterns will make you realize that your feet can be comfortable AND stylish all summer long. The Alegria sandals come in the trendy patterns and colors that you expect from an Alegria shoe. They come in all of the popular sandal styles, too! The fisherman look, t-strap, thong style, open toe, open heel, a version of a gladiator look and even some styles that you have never seen before—unique and original—just as you have come to expect from Alegria.

Alegria sandals have the same patented, interlocking footbed as Alegria shoes. This insole molds to your foot after just a few days of wear. That perfect footbed- made with a unique combination of latex, memory foam, and cork- is the key to providing your feet with a custom sole and arch support that usually are reserved for very expensive shoes. They wouldn’t be Alegria sandals if they didn’t have the “rocker” outsole that promotes perfect posture as you walk, while toning leg muscles and allowing your body to walk in a comfortable, proper gait so that you aren’t exhausted at the end of the day. You will find the same top-quality leather, suede-covered footbed and hand-sewn details in the Alegria sandals that you always find in your favorite Alegria shoes.

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Don’t allow your feet to suffer and sweat during the summer by wearing sandals with no arch support or made with man-made materials! Give your feet a summertime treat by owning a wardrobe of Alegria sandals—a style for every activity and outfit. You will enjoy the feeling of happy feet throughout the summer. Alegria means “Happiness” or “Joy” in Spanish. Believe us: these shoes weren’t named Alegria by accident!