The largest selection of Alegria Shoes

Are you looking for comfortable shoes? Are you looking for fashionable shoes? How about top-quality shoes? Need “stay-on-your-feet-all-day” shoes? Have a strict budget for your shoe purchases? Well, there is one shoe that provides the answer to all of the above questions: Alegria! You will find that name was not chosen randomly. Alegria meaning happiness or joy in Spanish and these shoes truly do bring joy to your feet. Therefore, they uplift your mood, personality, and joints! Alegria shoes are the answer to sore feet, aching leg muscles, pinched toes, fallen arches and spilled liquids! You may wonder how one shoe can accomplish so much but we will review each aspect of this remarkable shoe from the stain-resistant top surface of the shoe to the slip-resistant outsole. Every component has been engineered to contribute a specific quality to the shoe. Women and men have become collectors of these shoes after making their first purchase. Once they experience the comfort and long-lasting quality of the materials, not to mention the attention-grabbing styles, they want an entire wardrobe of Alegria and Traq shoes to suit their every mood and outfit. The first time you see an Alegria shoe, you will notice a difference! The design is intended not only to provide a stylish alternative but also to make your feet happy. When your feet are comfortable and properly supported, your entire body reaps the benefits! Your feet “roll” properly during each step, your arches are supported in a custom fit-to-your-individual-foot inner sole, and your spine aligns properly to help you walk a bit taller. At the end of the day, you notice that your feet don’t hurt! Let’s review the components of these “happy” shoes from top to bottom:

Alegria Shoe Features:


is the first thing that you will notice. Alegria shoes have a character and an individuality that wearers embrace. They may choose to wear a snakeskin pattern today and flowers tomorrow. Going to watch fireworks? There’s even a shoe to accompany that holiday feeling! When is the last time that your shoe reflected your mood? Alegria truly offers a color, pattern, style and texture for every possible outfit and occasion!


is designed so that anyone working in an area where liquid spills are common (i.e. restaurants, hair salons, or hospital) will never have to discard a perfectly good shoe again.


provides the space that your toes require to move around and not suffer the effects of being squeezed into some designer’s idea of a stylish toe shape! Alegria designers know that you will suffer from small toe boxes in years to come, so why torture your toes? You will be amazed at the difference a larger toe box makes to your foot’s comfort level!


is the ultimate goal of every Alegria shoe! The Alegria shoe is designed for complete comfort for those who are on their feet all day, whether at work, at home or just during a full day of shopping or sightseeing! Alegria designers have engineered every part to provide comfort; the main component that is the source of that comfort is the unique, patented “anatomically correct” footbed! This inner sole pampers your foot by forming to its natural contours. Designed with a combination of memory foam, latex and cork, you will have a custom-fit footbed in every pair of Alegria shoes. This center of comfort is the secret weapon in providing you with that all-day support that is so critical to your posture, joints and overall mood.


are used in every part of an Alegria shoe. Most importantly, they eliminate the moisture that collects on your feet. Alegria uses top-quality leather to cover the insole, thereby allowing your foot to breathe.


are designed to allow you to either insert your custom orthotics in the shoe or to replace the insole, which extends the life of the shoe. Alegria shoes last longer because of this feature since most shoes are discarded when the insole is the first part to wear out.


is the rocker-shaped sole of an Alegria shoe. This sole is designed to guide the foot into the proper rolling motion as you walk, there by lessening the pressure on the heel and central metatarsal area of your foot.


because Alegria has also taken your budget into consideration! They have used every measure possible to allow them to provide these shoes to its customers at a surprisingly reasonable price. How else would there be so many passionate collectors of Alegria shoes? Once our customers realize the value, comfort, and style that they receive in an Alegria shoe, they want to have a closet full of them in every color, style, and pattern!


because Alegria is constantly releasing new textures, colors, styles and patterns so that your shoe wardrobe will always feature the latest trends or your favorite go-to-work shoes! You will always have a difficult time choosing from the hundreds of styles available at