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Alegria Men's Flexer Tan Denim Alegria Men's Flexer Tan Denim
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Alegria Men's Flexer Black Alegria Men's Flexer Black
Price: $149.95
SALE: $99.00
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Alegria Men's Flexer White Alegria Men's Flexer White
Price: $149.95
SALE: $99.00
You save $50.95!

Lace Up Your Fitness, Fun and Health with Alegria Men’s Lace Ups!

Your feet support you, so why shouldn’t you support your feet? It’s not as difficult as you think when you choose Alegria men’s shoes! That’s because Alegria’s lace-ups for men are designed with your comfort in mind as well as your fashion sense. You don’t have to sacrifice either one to get the comfort, support and stylish lines you want in a pair of shoes. But if you need a little more convincing, here are a few things that will probably do the trick!

The Anatomy of Your Foot and Foot Injuries

Each foot contains over a hundred tendons, 26 bones and 33 joints so it’s no surprise that foot injuries are commonplace. Some of the most common are:

  • Hard places or bumps on the big toe called bunions
  • Thick skin occurring from friction or pressure, referred to as corns or calluses
  • Plantar warts on the soles of your feet
  • Flat feet, or fallen arches, from a lack of support

Even though other factors can come into play for foot injuries, wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause these foot problems and more. Plus, if your shoes don’t fit correctly you can develop ankle, leg and back problems as well.

Other Issues That Can Affect Your Foot Health

If foot injuries alone weren’t bad enough, people with diabetes or arthritis also suffer from foot pain and difficulties if supportive shoes aren’t worn. And just a little bit of extra weight, traveling for work or pleasure and athletic activity, and you’ve got the perfect storm to cause swelling, pain and injury to your feet. But you don’t have to suffer from any of this.

How Alegria Shoes for Men Fight Injury and Discomfort

You don’t want your feet to hurt but you also don’t want to sacrifice your personal style. Alegria shoes let you flaunt your look and feel great at the same time! Alegria shoes for men incorporate cutting edge technology for a customized fit that gives you all the support you need in every inch of your foot. Here’s how.

Increased Stability from the Bottom Up

Alegria’s outsoles are designed to keep you moving in the right direction all the time. Many styles are slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught out in the rain or find yourself on a freshly mopped floor. A flat surface but a mild rocker form gives you extra stability while supporting the natural stepping motion for walking ease and comfort.

Insoles That Support Your Arches and Posture

A customized insole, or footbed, can make all the difference in the level of comfort and support you experience from your shoes. Alegria footbeds are constructed layer by layer to make your experience the best it can be! With layers of polyurethane, cork and memory foam, you get an insole that flexes and stabilizes your foot for excellent arch and posture support no matter how long you’re on your feet. And because the footbeds are removable and replaceable, you can extend the life of your shoe even more.

Quality Materials for a Great Fit

Alegria doesn’t just offer one material in the construction of your shoes. Quality materials like luxurious leathers, soft suedes, flexible Dream Fit polyurethane and breathable Dream Knit materials give you choices for the fit that’s best for you every time. And you’ll always find trend-setting colors on all Alegria’s shoes for men so you can coordinate your footwear with all your apparel.

Lace Ups That Go the Extra Mile

Lace ups give you even more flexibility and comfort past the usual uses for athletic and exercise purposes. Laces give you the adjustability you need for healthy feet. Laces let you adjust the width of your shoes easily and quickly. Laces also make for better travel shoes! With pressure changes during flights, blood-pooling during long periods of sitting and the extra activity and walking on vacations and trips, lace-ups provide everything you need to keep healthy at home and away.

Alegria Lace-Ups for Every Walk of Life

Lace-ups can be casual and classy with Alegria! Whether you’re looking for something to keep you comfy while taking the kids to the zoo, something to support you during a long shift standing at work or just a great shoe for getting to the grocery store and back, Alegria lace-ups will get you where you’re going in style!

Casual Lace-Ups for Men

Just as good for a day out as a shift at work, these casual lace-up choices will keep you kicking it!

  • The Liam in Black Nappa, Tawny and Drifted gives you a dress look with added flexibility
  • The Stretcher gives you Dream Fit technology with its open-cell neoprene upper
  • The Flexer combines leather and Dream Fit neoprene for a wonderful look and feel
  • Moccasins anyone? The Moq will become a quick favorite!

Men’s Athletic Lace-Ups

Alegria offers a variety of men’s athletic lace-up shoes including the stylish Alegria Men’s Liam Tawny, a classic lace up oxford with a soft brown, leather upper and perfectly matched laces.

TRAQ Shoes for Men

Alegria’s ground-breaking TRAQ line offers unparalleled technology for your work and wellness needs. Incorporating Q-chip technology right into the sole of the shoe, TRAQ shoes count your steps for you and then transmit the info to the TRAQ smartphone app via Bluetooth to give you a real-time accurate step count. If you’re feeling social, you can also connect with friends in the TRAQ community and challenge each other to meet your fitness goals. Some of the TRAQ lace up options for men include:

  • The TRAQ Quantum with a Dream Knit upper and pull-tab for easy on-and-off wear
  • The TRAQ Qarma with the signature Alegria A on the side and padded collar for comfort
  • The TRAQ Qake with a leather upper and slip-resistant outsole
  • The TRAQ Sneaq in four trending washed colors and a great feel

No matter what style you call your own, check out all of Alegria Shoe Shop’s great lace-up shoes for men to find your perfect match! And don’t forget to join our Rewards Program to earn points toward your next pair of Alegria shoes.