Alegria Traq

Meet the Alegria TRAQ

Tired of searching for your fitness jewelry in the wee hours of the morning? Sick of hiding your step counter at work so it doesn't interfere with your duties or your fashion sense? Are you ready for the next step in fitness tech that will seamlessly fit into your day? Meet the new Alegria TRAQ smart shoe!

Track Your Fitness, Not Your Device

With Alegria's latest development in fitness and fashion footwear, you'll be stepping out in style and tracking your steps at the same time. No more fiddling around trying to find your devices; this shoe has the step counter built right in. This revolutionary technology is embedded within the shoe's sole so it's always with you wherever you go. No turning it on or resetting required. Just put your TRAQ shoes on, and you're ready to track your steps.

Integrated Technology from Sole to Fingertips

TRAQ by Alegria features an embedded Q-chip within the insole of the shoe. It's guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the shoe. There's no need to ever change or charge the battery, either. And you'll never feel that it's there underfoot because it's embedded underneath the comfortable and soothing Alegria footbed that customers have come to love. The same ergonomically designed combination of memory foam, cork and polyurethane cushions and supports your foot in the TRAQ smart shoe as in the other quality Alegria shoe lines.

The Q-chip is always on, waiting for you to walk, skip or run into your day. This connected technology pairs easily with the TRAQ app on your smartphone to instantly track your steps. Set goals, connect with friends and challenge yourself and your community through the innovative TRAQ Community and wellness app. You'll always have your wellness within reach, from toes to fingertips.

TRAQ Smart Shoes in Your Style

TRAQ by Alegria comes in five fabulous styles to fit your every mood and wellness need. Whether you want to keep track of your steps at the workplace, while working out or during errands and shopping, you'll find a style that you'll love. And you won't have to worry about losing track of your steps if you change your shoes. Just tap the pic on the app of whichever pair of TRAQ smart shoes you're wearing, and you're good to go. Meet the five new smart looks that will be the envy of your friends.

The Qin

If you're looking for smooth, sleek lines in a no-nonsense smart shoe, the Alegria Qin TRAQ shoe will fit the bill. Available in three solid colors, Alegria's peppy Garland floral print and Alegria's Bob and Weave texture, the Qin offers a padded collar for comfort, slip-resistant outsoles and a stain-resistant leather upper. A simple hook-and-loop closure on the wide strap adds adjustability to this versatile style.

The Qutie

The Alegria Qutie TRAQ shoe mixes Mary Jane with smart sneaker. Featuring a Dream Knit upper, this comfortable shoe is available in solid black and three prints with pops of color in soft gray, blue and pink. A hook-and-loop strap lets you customize your fit while the slip-resistant outsole gives you a steady foothold.

The Qwik

For a look like a loafer but the feel of a fitness shoe, the Alegria Qwik TRAQ shoe mixes the two like a pro! Dream Knit fabric in the upper allows for maximum breathability, and a hook-and-loop strap adds a customized fit. The Qwik comes in black, charcoal, blue and pink. All colors feature removable anti-microbial footbeds, a slip-resistant outsole and pull-tab for easy on and off wear. The Alegria Qwik will help you make a quick change from work to play any day of the week.

The Qarma

The Alegria Qarma TRAQ shoe sports the look of a classic athletic tennis shoe with contrasting side stripes. Removable footbeds, a padded collar and slip-resistant outsoles make this athletic shoe your next go-to fitness smart shoe. Styles in gray, white and black with a light teal accent will give your karma a kick-start. A plethora of prints give you even more choices to complement all your outfits.

  • Right Angle Grey with a geometric triangle print
  • Paths Navy to set you on a smooth path
  • Wild Child Blues features a paisley print
  • Wild Flower offers pleasant purple posies
  • Paths Black will point you in the right direction
  • Wild Child Black mixes gray and silver prints
  • Right Angle Multi will match any color in your closet

The Qest

The Alegria Qest TRAQ smart shoe is a lightweight, lace-up sneaker with a Lycra upper and slip-resistant outsole. A pull tab at the back helps you with easy on-and-off wear to transition from each part of your day. Cute, contrasting colors and patterns give you plenty of options for all your wellness activities. Nine great choices will complete your every look:

  • Black with a subtle heather pattern
  • Grey with a slight ripple effect
  • White Multi with a pastel color palette
  • Navy with bright pink, green and yellow
  • Navy Multi with a knitted look in blue, red and yellow
  • Lemon, featuring blues, yellows and kicky, fresh green
  • Blue with a streaming waterfall effect
  • Pink with sporty black accents and purple and blue contrasts
  • Black Multi with magenta, blue and purple strands

TRAQ by Alegria will be here in the summer of 2018. Don't miss out! Plan your smart shoe choices now with Alegria's TRAQ - Let's Walk Together!