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QUTIE TRAQ Shoe by Alegria

TRAQ Qutie Blue Dash TRAQ Qutie Blue Dash
Price: $109.95
SALE: $58.95
Qutie All Black Qutie All Black
Price: $109.95
TRAQ Qutie Crochet Black TRAQ Qutie Crochet Black
Price: $109.95
SALE: $59.00

Be Cute and Sassy with the Alegria TRAQ Qutie Mary Jane!

Mary Jane’s aren’t just for your day off! You can be cute, comfortable and stay on track with your fitness goals with the TRAQ Qutie Mary Jane shoe. It’s perfect for your next nursing shoe , run-around-town shoe or workout shoe. With TRAQ Q-chip technology, you can multi-task all over the place and still look just as cute as your inner child. See what makes the TRAQ Qutie so wonderful for every part of your life.

Be a Qutie at Work

If you work on your feet, you need all the support you can get. But you have days where you want to look cute, too. Enter Alegria’s TRAQ Qutie! These Mary Jane’s support your arches and your athletic style while keeping you as cute as any of the Alegria Mary Janes do ! With a hook-and-loop strap to give you the right width and a slip-resistant outsole to keep you steady on your feet, the Qutie gives you customized support and a great look. Candee, an Alegria Shoe Shop customer says, “ I'm a nurse and walk approximately 8 miles a day. I no longer suffer from foot pain due to the excellent arch support.” Regina, another nurse, says, “I am a nurse who works 12-hour shifts and find them to be very supportive!”

Be a Qutie at Play

But the Qutie isn’t just a great work shoe. You can sport these wonderful, supportive shoes anytime you want something easy and comfy. They’re great for running errands, playing around with friends or even tucking away in your suitcase for that much-needed vacay. Kathy S. bought a pair of the TRAQ Qutie Mary Jane’s for a vacation. She says, “I bought these on a whim for our London vacation and was very impressed with the comfort and feel of these shoes.”

Be a Qutie at Your Work-Out

One of the best things about the TRAQ Qutie is the ability to transform a cute Mary Jane into a technological goldmine! Just like all the shoes in the TRAQ line , the Qutie features an embedded personal pedometer that transmits your step count right to your phone! Using the free TRAQ smartphone app, all you have to do is slip into your Qutie shoes, connect and go and you’ll have a real-time step count at your fingertips. You can also set fitness goals, connect with friends and challenge each other. And you’ll be doing it all in the colorful and comfortable Qutie TRAQ shoe!

What Customers Have to Say About the TRAQ Qutie

Don’t know what to think about the TRAQ Qutie? See what more Alegria Shoe Shop customers have to say after wearing the Qutie.

Maite says these are the best shoes for her plantar fasciitis: these are “The best shoes I have bought in my life, I suffer from plantar fasciitis (and) for 3 years no shoe served me until I met these. Really work. I love them so much that I do not imagine my life without them.”

Ann says that her heel pain is gone now that she wears the Qutie: “ I have tried everything. I purchased these and from the first moment I put my foot in them, the cushiony heel and solid build of this shoe allowed me to walk longer distances than I have in months.”

Gray says, “These are by far my favorite pair of Alegrias! So comfortable and supportive. I have several health issues (plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, spine issues, torn knee cartilage, etc.) and these allow me to be in less pain when walking and therefore more active. I get compliments every time I wear these.”

Colors and Features That are More Than Just Cute

The TRAQ Qutie comes in plenty of colors to match your mood and style. New colors coming up for Fall 2019 include fan favorites like Charcoal, Navy and Outta Sight Pink. Available colors you’ll love to show off now include:

Feature upon feature makes the Qutie a new favorite, too! Some of the great features you'll find in every TRAQ Qutie Mary Jane fitness shoe include:

  • Q-Chip technology with built-in pedometer
  • Signature Alegria removable footbed
  • Slip-resistant, dual-density polyurethane outsole supporting:
    • Increased arch support
    • Balanced weight distribution
    • Enhanced shock absorption
    • Better rebound and bounce with each step
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap for a custom fit
  • Breathable Dream Knit™ upper
  • 1-inch heel height

Leave it to Alegria to design a cute Mary Jane shoe that keeps you comfy, supports your active lifestyle and looks outstanding, too! For any time that you want to be able to track your steps and stay up with the latest styles, remember to keep it cute with the TRAQ Qutie fitness shoe with Dream Knit uppers and built-in pedometer.