Alegria Sizing Information

Alegria Shoes Size Chart

Alegria shoes are all about comfort. Sometimes finding the right size to get the most comfort from your Alegria shoes can be a little tricky, so we are here to help!

Several things will affect how your shoe fits such as: the type of outsole, the type of upper, the style of toe box or lack thereof in the case of sandals, and where your foot sits on the patented Alegria comfort footbed. Keep the following in mind when determining how your Alegria shoes should fit:

  • When trying on Alegria shoes, make sure that the arch of the footbed fully supports the arch of your foot. You do not want the arch support to be too far toward the ball of your foot, nor too far toward your heel.
  • When your foot is placed correctly on the footbed there will be about 1/4 inch of footbed that is still visible around your foot. Your toes and heel should not extend to the edge of the footbed.
  • It is highly likely that you will wear one size in an Alegria sandal but a different size in a clog or different style of Alegria just the same as you may wear one size in high heels, but another in sneakers.

Please use the following size charts as a guideline when shopping. Feel free to call or chat with a customer service representative if you have additional questions. Happy shopping!