Unparalleled Comfort

When a customer writes an unsolicited testimonial explaining that, after 6 foot surgeries over the past 27 years, she is now walking pain-free for the first time in 35 years…a company knows that they have done something right!

The comfort level in Alegria shoes is the result of unique engineering details, but the surprising bonus is the fashionable styling! Comfort AND Fashion, you ask? An oxymoron, you say?

But wait, you can have both!

Not only are Alegria shoes so comfortable that our customers do not want to wear other shoes, but they become enthusiastic collectors based on the variety of styles, colors and patterns available each season.

Some of the features that you will not find combined in other shoes, no matter how much you may pay, are:

  • Removable Insoles…by allowing you to remove the insole, we give you the option of inserting your own orthotics, without sacrificing the other comfort-producing benefits. You can also replace the insole when worn, to extend the life of the shoe!
  • Leather Insoles…your feet will thank you for allowing them to breathe naturally, through our use of fine leather instead of the more standard man-made materials.
  • Anatomically Correct Footbed…you depend on the footbed to support your body for long periods of walking. If it doesn’t provide support to all parts of your foot, your entire body will suffer the side effects. Our footbed is engineered to fit the natural shape of your foot, rather than forcing your foot to conform to the shape of your shoe!
  • Rocker Outsole…your stride will be easier on your leg muscles and your posture will reap the benefits of an assisted walking pattern due to the “roll” that is engineered into the design of the outsole. By helping your foot move properly, this feature reduces the pressure on your heel and central metatarsal area. You will be “rockin’ and rollin” and feeling happier…when your feet don’t hurt, your entire body just naturally feels better!
  • Extra Depth…the 100% leather upper is formed to give your foot extra depth, which allows your toes to have “wiggle room” and feel oh, so much better!
  • Flat, Stable Bottom…for safety, we all need to feel stable when walking…all surfaces are not smooth and even! Our shoes have a flat bottom that is engineered to provide increased stability by maximizing contact with the floor.

After reviewing all of these benefits, you will understand that you may find a cheaper shoe, but you will not find a better value or more comfort than you will when choosing Alegria shoes.

The comfort may bring you in to give them a try, but the variety of styles, fashion colors and patterns will turn you into a collector!

Rock-stars of Comfort

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Alegria Classic Clog

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