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Alegria Keli PRO Bloomies Alegria Caiti Steel Swish Alegria Caiti Meadow
Alegria Keli PRO Bloomies
Price: $129.95
SALE: $69.00
You save $60.95!
Alegria Caiti Meadow
Price: $139.95

Alegria Caiti Bronze Eyed Susan Alegria Kleo Zesty Alegria Verona Black Embroidery
Alegria Kleo Zesty
Price: $109.95

Alegria Essence Emerald City Alegria Debra Sugar Skulls Alegria Debra Black Embossed Rose

Alegria Khloe Black Nappa Alegria Men's Alex Black Nubuck Alegria Men's Jony Drifted
Alegria Men's Alex Black Nubuck
Price: $139.95
SALE: $69.00
You save $70.95!
Alegria Men's Jony Drifted
Price: $149.95
SALE: $79.00
You save $70.95!


Like it, Want it, Gotta Have it!

Pairing our Instagram account with our Alegria Shoe Shop store makes it easy to find all your favorite Alegria styles. With just one click, you can “like” a picture on our Instagram account featuring your favorite Alegrias! This online, photo sharing network features a variety of our trendiest shoes, and now they can all be viewed easily on our website.

Our photographs of these shoes prove that comfort does not come at the cost of style. View these amazing pictures and fall in love with more Alegria styles than you even knew existed! Find your new favorite shoe that you can’t live without. Receive compliments every day with your bold style that describes your own bold personality.

With Alegria’s amazing variety of comfort shoes, you can find an adorable pair of shoes that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes nursing the sick, teaching the youth, waiting tables, or even just hanging with your friends, Alegria Shoe Shop has the shoe for you.

By visiting our Instagram Favs page on AlegriaShoeShop.com, you can see all of these featured shoes in one place! Find your favorites from the Alegria Essence Black Easy athletic shoe to the Alegria Paloma PRO Iris professional shoe, not to mention both men and women’s styles of all varieties, all in one place. Find the latest new releases to kick start the season, or grab a pair of boots on sale to keep tucked away for the winter.

The more posts made on the Instagram account, the more shoes featured on Our Instagram Favs, so stay tuned!